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  • Track the cost of every trip.

    See the actual spend for any given business trip or project against your departments and cost centers with ease, and make sure that all work-related travel is tracked correctly.
  • Track who's spending and why.

    Locomote helps you keep your travel spend under control. Use Locomote to understand where your money is going, and who your biggest spenders are.
  • Get insights to help you save.

    By combining our platform along with our world-class travel consultants, we can help you get complete visibility of your travel spend.
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Control budgets hassle-free.

Our budget tracker helps you keep your travel spend under control. Locomote's monitors spend against your departments and cost centres.

The intuitive interface shows how much each department has left to spend in a month or quarter. Helping you keep your team to budget each and every month.

Get the reports you need, fast.

Locomote's reporting tools help you make more sense of your data. Helping you identify patterns and trends in order to make smarter decisions with more confidence.
“We saved more that 30% of our travel costs and all I hear from our travellers are positive comments. For me this is more than I could ever have asked for.”
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Kathryn Crooks
Procurement Specialist
Credit Union Australia

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