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Corporate Travel Tech Company Locomote Elevates It’s Status Becoming the worlds first travel tech-led B Corp.

March 7, 2022
Locomote team
Tass Messinis
March 7, 2022
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Locomote has announced its new elite status after less than 18 months of operating under new management.

CEO and co-founder Ross Fastuca could not be prouder of this achievement.

“Becoming accredited as B Corp is part of our mission to use business as a force for good.”

To become a B Corporation — (commonly referred to as B Corp) — meets the gold standards for social and environmental performance. Instead of prioritising revenues, these companies consider the triple bottom line and make an effort to do good for the world and their communities. 

In a business travel management setting, Locomote aims to redefine success by providing consumers with sustainable travel practices. Plus, they undergo a rigorous certification process that impacts all stakeholders, including investors, employees, and clients. 

Locomote earned an amazing score of 83.1 on the B Impact assessment — which evaluates businesses based on communities, customers, employees, shareholders, and suppliers.

On average, companies that complete this assessment achieve a 50.9 rating, and they need at least 80 to qualify for B Corp certification. 

When asked about the corporation's impressive achievement, CMO and Co-Founder David Fastuca replied;

“The recent pandemic transformed the way we travel forever, and we wanted to be the game-changer that the industry looks up to. This process allowed us to improve efficiencies for us and the environment as well as support our customers in their efforts to become more sustainable.”

He added, “Our platform enables customers to travel better, safer, and faster. Our detailed budget controls, tracking system, and 24/7/365 support services help us stand out from a sea of competition.

Today, thousands of travellers trust us because we offer the perfect blend of travel technology and service. Not many travel management companies can say the same.”

While the Locomote team already achieved its B Corp rating, the group still aims to continually invest to improve its sustainable travel features.

Here are the three pillars the company is currently working on:

1. Environmental pillar: Internally, Locomote has minimised its environmental impact by going digital and combining technology, support, expertise, and experience in one convenient platform. One of the biggest advantages of this feature is the paperless transactions between departments. Also, the group works with global organisations to keep travellers’ carbon footprints to a minimum. 

2. Social pillar: Locomote believes in automation, but not as a replacement for human skills. The company uses technologies to add value to processes but still hires global experts to provide clients with day-and-night support services.

3. Economic pillar: Travel has the power to distribute spending within local communities by creating economic opportunities that never would have been possible. The company will continue patronising local hotels, transportation, and services to provide customers with the corporate trips they deserve. 

Locomote launched in 2012 to help companies of all sizes reduce travel costs by automating the process of managing business travel. Since then, the company has become an industry leader. Get in touch with us to learn more about its groundbreaking platform.