Glenvill chooses Locomote as their one stop shop for business travel.

Glenvill business travel case study with Locomote
We moved to Locomote to help simplify our travel process and to ensure that all of our bookings are accurate.
Jac Bromilow
MD Executive Assistant

The logistics of booking travel can be quite confusing. Matching up flight times, time zones, and accommodation can be quite challenging. We often found ourselves making a lot of mistakes causing stress within the business when it came to managing business travel. 

We moved to Locomote to help simplify this process and to ensure that all of our bookings are accurate, says Jac Bromilow Executive Assistant to the Managing Director.

Locomote is your one stop shop to book business travel with ease. Instead of having to navigate a variety of different online sites. Quick and painless. - Jac Bromilow, MD Executive Assistant

Sending our staff around Australia is now a breeze, instead of wasting time searching for flights, accommodation and car rentals, it’s all at our figure tips. Travel plans are made in a matter of minutes now that we are with Locomote.

The Glenvill Group is a dynamic, multi-faceted company encompassing all aspects of design, development and construction. Beyond this core business, the group also has divisions active in multi-unit housing developments, house and land packages, investment packages, project construction and interior design consultancy.


  • Time-consuming booking process
  • Minimal visibility or control into spend
  • Lack of data and insights into travel

Results with Locomote

  • Ability to book complex trips in just a few minutes
  • 5-star travel agent support 24/7
  • Greater visibility into financial reporting
  • Real-time alerts and notifications

More choice and more freedom

We were concerned that moving to a new corporate travel agency would limit our booking abilities. However, in actual fact Locomote is extremely flexible and with a customer point of contact. Anything they couldn’t facilitate through our dashboard, they were able to organise for us via their live chat communication.

Dealing with Changes is a breeze

Because Glenvill’s travellers have unique and often last minute itineraries, they experienced frequent flight cancellations and changes. It had become challenging for them to keep track of their trips, and they couldn’t effectively manage their travel when disruptions occurred. But since moving to Locomote navigating changes and last minute cancellations is now a breeze, in a few clicks, everything is sorted.

Locomote is the easiest platform in business travel!  - Jac Bromilow, MD Executive Assistant

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