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Most business travel agencies are the same and that's a problem for the companies that hire them.

The issue is that most agencies need to license the tools that make up their service from third parties and pass this cost on to you.

For example, their online booking and reporting tools are built and maintained by other companies. The tools that you rely on every day to make critical decisions are managed by someone else in some country that you have zero visibility over.

Not to mention that some if not all customer support is outsourced too. This lack of control is a problem for customers who need a travel partner that they can rely on.

Traditional travel agencies can't move fast enough to reinvent themselves. And with this recent pandemic, this has only magnified this point.

That's where we come in.

Locomote is a technology-led travel agency blended with a high touch service. That takes away the hassle and simplifies business travel.

We have built our own tools from the ground up over the last 8 years. This control gives us the freedom to respond quickly to our customer's needs.

There is no one size fits all approach to business travel, we get this. We can work with you more closely than any other travel agency could.

The more we learn the more you benefit.

The more we learn about how you travel. The more we can help automate and integrate with the tools and systems you use every day.

Our company is 100% Australian owned and operated. From our founders to the engineering team to our amazing travel agents and support team.

When you choose Locomote, you are putting your staff safety and your business first. Working with Locomote you are signing up to how business travel should be. Led by a team that is passionate about changing an industry that desperately needs it.

Chat with our founders

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