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Get rid of all your pdfs, spreadsheets and emails and stop using different tools to manage your travel approvals. Streamline them all on one platform.
See how we can save you hours with each travel approval.
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“Locomote listens, giving you the best experience. Which get your people to where they need to be. Locomote walks the talk.”
Samantha Smith
Samantha Smith
Procurement, Cerebral Palsy League
Travel Approval Software
Bring your travel policy to life with a streamlined approval system that increases traveller safety and reduces corporate travel costs.

Making a travel approval request has never been easier thanks to Locomote’s
all-in-one, user-friendly platform. Although getting your business travel approved can feel like a minefield. Locomote gives you total freedom to create workflows that can capture any piece of information you need.

Locomote's Travel Approval System can be customised to fit your unique approval process, giving you the flexibility that's so important when creating a corporate travel process that delivers safe travel and controlled spend.

In today’s unprecedented times, you can be assured that 24/7 support is only the click of a button away. No matter what life throws at you, help is available at a moment’s notice via chat, email or phone.

Your company will benefit from greater flexibility, more detailed insight and improved efficiency when it comes to the management of your corporate travel programme.
Custom & Pre-Built Modules

Capture everything you need and more.

It doesn't matter what information you need to ask. From trip cost estimations to per diem requirements. We have the ability to replace any online or offline travel process with our 'module builder'.

Locomote gives you a 'Survey Monkey' like experience. Build custom modules ensuring you capture all of the information you need, or leave it to us to replicate your process in Locomote for you.

Build modules with just a few clicks

Use pre-built modules via our marketplace

Replace all of your tools and processes

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Pre-Trip Workflows

Workflow powered travel approvals.

With Locomote workflows, you can create travel processes across your entire business.  From one approval step to many. You have complete freedom to set up and manage your pre-trip and approval processes.

Need your sales team to get pre-approval while your executive team is auto-approved? Easy done.

Create single step or multi-level approvals

Integrate unlimited data points

Easily manage governance and compliance

Complete your booking via our booking module

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Messaging Audit Trails

Send messages whenever you need to.

Locomote has built-in messaging giving you the freedom to connect with the right people at the right time. From the traveller, authoriser, arranger, even the travel agent (once integrated with an agency).

Every message sent is logged and recorded against each trip. Giving you a full end to end audit trail. And better still you don't even have to log in to respond.

All communications and approvals logged

Automatically create a full audit trail

No need to log in, simply reply via email

Locomote dashboard
Profile & User Management

Manage your profile data with ease.

Your team can manage their own profile and travel managers can manage those assigned to them. While admins can manage all profiles.

Keep all of your information together in one place from travel preferences to membership information. With changing regulations, easily upload important information to your profile. From travel documents through to vaccine passports.

Bank grade security to keep your data safe

Connect Locomote with your HR systems

Setup single sign-on for seamless logins

Locomote mobile app

What others have to say

We've helped thousands get control of their business and travel simpler, faster and safer.

Absolute time saver!

Locomote is definitely an absolute time saver when it comes to arranging and rescheduling travel.
Taylah Alexander
Operations Coordinator

Excellent travel platform

Really great customer service from the team, including trouble shooting assistance when required.
Amanda Chan
Office Manager

Great customer service!

We are happy to be working with them.Locomote has great customer service and expectational in helping our team.
Jeanette Boutros
Executive Assistant

Time and cost-effective

Since joining Locomote, our business travel has become a much more time-efficient and cost-effective process.
Dayna Dennett
People & Culture Coordinator

So easy to use!

The platform is easy to use and the team at locomote are responsive if there are problems or questions.
Jacqui Loveridge
Chief Financial Officer

We are never leaving!

Since moving to Locomote our business travel has been so smooth and easy I wish I used them in my other company.
Grace Munrow
Head of Finance
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Updated 7th October 2022

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