Health Generation finds a trusted partner in Locomote.

Health Generation business travel case study with Locomote
Locomote is simply an awesome travel management company, I wished we moved over sooner.
Bianca McBride
Director of Operations & Finance

Bianca McBride, Director of Operations & Finance at Health Generation, knew it was time for their company to switch travel management companies at the end of 2020. The need for change was underscored by years of confusing support costs, a frustrating booking experience, and low employee adoption, not to mention lack of support when it mattered most. 

By switching to Locomote in the midst of a global pandemic, Bianca found the cost visibility, travel agent support, and simply awesome booking experience that it had long been searching for and that would allow its corporate travel program to grow through 2021 and beyond.

“With the amount of travel and logistics we need to manage, it quickly became a headache”, says Bianca.

“I basically really needed someone to take that headache away. And not have to sit on the phone for five hours to try and get stuff sorted. I was looking for a higher level of customer service and thankfully found that with Locomote”.

Health Generation is a contemporary Aged care consulting practice supporting small to large Aged Care organisations with their quality and compliance and clinical and financial (ACFI) challenges.

Health Generation implemented Locomote to deliver a more flexible and intuitive booking and workflow platform paired with 24/7 365 travel agent support for their busy travelling team. Locomote increased their visibility into travel safety and expenses while saving the business money on travel, all within an easy-to-use, travel platform.


  • Minimal visibility or control into spend
  • Low adoption rates
  • High costs for support
  • Uncomfortable booking experience

Results with Locomote

  • Visibility & insights into spend
  • Unlimited 24/7 global travel agents
  • Awesome booking experience
  • Greater visibility into financial reporting
  • Shared values and vision for the future
Locomote & Health Generation

A Frustrating Experience for All

I was actually in Sydney at the time. And it was really frustrating for me because I was trying to conduct training and I was also trying to manage travel for a few of our team at the same time. The existing TMC was so slow to respond their tool was a pain to use, so I reached out to Locomote and said “I'm ready to chat”. It was just an easy conversation. Everything was set up really well and timely. And more importantly, it didn't require a lot from me, which was good. Cause trying to get stuff out of me is like blood from a stone says, Bianca. 

"Locomote makes my life easy, what more can I ask for?", Sarah Dunn ~ Operations Support Co-ordinator

24/7/365 Travel Agent Support

Health Generation implemented Locomote in 2021 just as the team started travelling for essential business again. Not only did Health Generation’s employees now have access to 24/7/365 live travel agents, but Sarah Dunn, Operations Support Co-ordinator could confidently encourage them to reach out as often as necessary. Unlimited Locomote travel agent support is included with every account along with instant live chat which is a crowd favourite.

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