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Make more sense of your data. Identify patterns and trends and make smarter decisions with more confidence.
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“Locomote has provided an immediate return including better cost management, and greater cost transparency and most importantly happier business travellers.”
Ben Webster
Ben Webster
Founder, Agile Underwriting
Business Travel Reporting.
Business travellers take over a million trips daily. The bad news is business waste accounts for two-thirds of the $102.5 billion companies spend for business travel.

For this reason, decision-makers should invest incorporate travel management reporting to maximise these expenses. With the perfect blend of services and technology, companies can now develop travel policies to make the most out of every dollar budgeted for.

Are you ready to transform your business trips into productive investments? If so, it’s time to consider working with Locomote. We offer businesses the chance to save time and money while providing employees with faster, better, and safer travel tools.

With our experienced professionals and modern tech platform on your side, you won’t have to go back and forth between websites, apps and emails boom your next business trip.

Instead, our automated travel reporting platform gives you an end-to-end freedom to proactively manage your corporate travel spend. From flights, hotels to ground transport, we’ll help you choose the best options for your team and within budget.

After all, managing multiple trips can be a simple process with the right setup. With our business travel platform, you can oversee data by date, location, project, and so on. With this power at your fingertips can help you continuously improve your travel policies and get back control.
Business Travel Reporting

Better reporting to make better decisions.

Our reporting tools help you make more sense of your data. Helping you find patterns and trends to make smarter decisions with more confidence.

Track your travel spend using real-time data broken down by project, team, date, location, and more. Assess your travel policy performance. And review areas of improvement to help you reduce costs and save time.

Apply unused tickets when booking your trip

Receive one detailed invoice for all your bookings

Track your travel spend using real-time data

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We've helped thousands get control of their business and travel simpler, faster and safer.

Absolute time saver!

Locomote is definitely an absolute time saver when it comes to arranging and rescheduling travel.
Taylah Alexander
Operations Coordinator

Excellent travel platform

Really great customer service from the team, including trouble shooting assistance when required.
Amanda Chan
Office Manager

Great customer service!

We are happy to be working with them.Locomote has great customer service and expectational in helping our team.
Jeanette Boutros
Executive Assistant

Time and cost-effective

Since joining Locomote, our business travel has become a much more time-efficient and cost-effective process.
Dayna Dennett
People & Culture Coordinator

So easy to use!

The platform is easy to use and the team at locomote are responsive if there are problems or questions.
Jacqui Loveridge
Chief Financial Officer

We are never leaving!

Since moving to Locomote our business travel has been so smooth and easy I wish I used them in my other company.
Grace Munrow
Head of Finance
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Updated 7th October 2022

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