How Locomote Empowers Marley Spoon To Inspire Home Cooks.

Locomote makes it so easy to manage business travel for our team.
Niklas Bernal
Head of Finance

Marley Spoon is a subscription-based meal-kit service working to deliver delightful, market fresh and easy cooking to people all around Australia. To achieve this, we need both short-distance delivery services and long-distance corporate travel options available to us.

Our service helps make weeknights easier and dinners more delicious, by delivering step-by-step recipes and pre-portioned seasonal ingredients direct to customers' doors, so they can cook better, healthy meals for their loved ones.

We offer more than 30 recipes every week developed by our in-house culinary team, who work hard every day to create, test, and perfect recipes for the weekly menu, providing easy, step-by-step imagery that anyone can follow. Our recipe selection offers a variety of meals, including meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan, family-friendly, reduced-carb, low-calorie and nutritious options, plus, the meals can be prepared quickly in 30 minutes or less.

At Marley Spoon, we need local, short-distance delivery services to distribute our meal kits to our customers on a daily or weekly basis. At the same time, our business team needs long-distance executive travel services for our continuous growth and success.

Why Corporate Travel Is Important to Marley Spoon

Team travel is essential to our regular operations at Marley Spoon. Our leaders and staff travel to connect with new suppliers and to strengthen our ties with current suppliers, such as Lilydale Free-Range Chicken or Holts, our sweet potato supplier located in Bundaberg, Queensland. Establishing business relationships with key suppliers who can provide quality ingredients is vital to our success.

With 4 production facilities around Australia and 1 support office in Sydney, we also travel frequently in order to facilitate face to face knowledge sharing and to ensure the Marley Spoon culture is lived in all our locations.

As we grew, we realised we needed an intuitive travel program to find new opportunities to expand our business and promote healthy cooking and eating all over the country. After reviewing different options for managing our travel needs, we decided to try the team travel services of Locomote.

What Corporate Travel Challenges Marley Spoon Encountered

In the past, we struggled with issues that made corporate travel stressful. Some of the challenges we faced before we signed up with Locomote included:

  • Lack of Relevant Information: Our team members used to spend time researching the right details to make their bookings. The lack of centralised information slowed down our process
  • Dependence on Admins: Our staff members depended on a few people to relay the booking data to everyone else. Each person didn’t have the necessary resources to manage their travel planning independently.
  • Stressful Process: The booking process used to be stressful. Employees would forget to send invoices for credit card usage and have trouble with payment methods.
  • Wasted Resources: The inefficiencies within this process led to extra cost. 

What Corporate Travel Solutions Locomote Offers to Marley Spoon

Locomote offered us superior travel solutions that made it possible for us to resolve our travel management issues with ease. These are some of the benefits we experienced after partnering with Locomote:

  • Information At Our Fingertips: The Locomote platform has everything we need to give us the best deals and information so that we can quickly process our travel bookings. Locomote also provides COVID risk data so we can save time on research and keep everyone safe.
  • Improved Autonomy: Locomote equips each of our team members with the tools to manage travel-related tasks independently. Their platform features a self-service portal that is simple and easy to use.
  • Hassle-free Process: The services of Locomote make booking flights and accommodation a simple, hassle-free process. Locomote handles the executive travel program on our behalf so we can focus more on growing our business.
  • Increased Sustainability: Locomote improves our travel management efficiency so we can reach our sustainability goals. On top of this, it offers great pricing options that make it affordable for our company.

What Is Marley Spoon’s Feedback on Locomote

At Marley Spoon, we’re really happy with Locomote because of the positive impact its team travel services have had on our operations.

Locomote has streamlined the travel planning of our company. They take all the pain away. As a result, we can concentrate more on encouraging people in Australia to cook healthy,  family-friendly meals in the comfort of their own homes.

I highly recommend Locomote to other companies looking for a business travel company. Locomote ticks all of the boxes when you need to think about managing business travel.

Boost Corporate Travel Planning With Locomote’s Help

The expertise of Locomote is not limited to the retail industry but is beneficial to other types of businesses too. You and your company can experience similar travel planning advantages with the professional assistance of Locomote.

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