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All-In-One Business Travel Agency.

Locomote is a full‑service corporate travel agency. With industry-leading technology paired with best-in-class travel services. Protect your team and control your travel expenses.

It’s like having your own travel assistant.
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How easy is it to get started?

Quick Set Up

We help you setup your account. Add your company policy. Invite your team.

Easily Book & Manage Travel

Book, approve, change and cancel easily with our technology and 24/7 human support.

Real-time Reporting

Identify patterns and trends to make smarter decisions with more confidence.

More than just a booking tool.

Locomote enables you to build, manage and scale a world-class corporate travel management program with ease. Give your travellers the best booking experience.

With so many flights, hotel and car options, you can rest easy knowing that you are always getting the best possible price available.

Book & manage travel with ease.

Manage and book travel faster with our simple design that makes booking business travel feel like you are booking your next holiday.
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Save +32% on your travel.

Locomote's reporting tools help you make more sense of your data. Helping you identify patterns and trends to make smarter decisions with more confidence.

Experienced travel agents.

We're here to help with everything from policy best practices and negotiated rates. And, with premier services for executives and special events, you'll wonder how you managed travel before.

Real people, no chatbots.

We understand travel can be complicated, changes, delays all of this can make business travel stressful. When you need us we are there for you. Our team is standing by, in-app or over the phone.
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Beautiful. Simple. Powerful.

Manage your corporate travel. All in one place.

No matter what stage you're at, Locomote has the tools and services you need to manage your business travel better than ever.
Latest Feature

Travel Health Wallet.

Locomote makes it hassle-free to store and access all of your travel health documents within your account. 
Backed by our secure platform, trust that your documents are safe and secure. Available when you need them most.

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Locomote Business Travel Case Study CUA
“We saved more that 30% of our travel costs and all I hear from our travellers are positive comments. For me this is more than I could ever have asked for.”
Kathryn Crooks
Procurement Specialist, Credit Union Australia
case study world vision
“Locomote has enhanced safety for our staff in a big way. While also providing a number of efficiencies across the business along with some impressive cost savings.”
Mark Saliba
Manager, Safety & Security, World Vision Aust.
Locomote Business Travel Case Study Enett
“By streamlining the entire booking process, we reduced our approval time and spend and have also reduced out of policy travel. The platform is so easy to use.”
Belinda Neilson
CEO Executive Assistant, eNett International
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