Hireup supports their customers faster & safer with Locomote.

HIreup business travel case study with Locomote
I can honestly say from using Locomote, it's been amazing, the team is so responsive, nice and understanding. Nothing is too much trouble.
Katie MacNeil
Leadership Team Assistant

The reason for moving to Locomote was to find a business travel agency that would help us put a process in place to streamline our booking and approving process.

As well as help track our payments and not just throw our credit card around, says Katie MacNeil, Leadership Team Assistant at Hireup.

“I can honestly say from using Locomote, it's been amazing, the team is so responsive, nice and understanding. Nothing is too much trouble.” ~ Katie MacNeil

We have people flying from all over the country so being able to track who is flying and when along if there are any COVID restrictions is key to having a safe business travel program for our staff.

Hireup was built to change the way that people with disability find, hire and manage their support workers. We have employed, trained and verified over 10,000 support workers to ensure you receive the best support possible.


  • Poor booking technology
  • Minimal visibility or control into spend
  • Hours wasted doing manual work

Results with Locomote

  • Visibility & insights into spend
  • Ability to book complex trips in just a few minutes
  • Awesome travel agent support
  • Greater visibility into financial reporting

There Had to Be a Better Way

Even booking simple trips was taking way too long. We had to manually reference company policies on expense limits and coordinate hotels close to our projects.

Managing this process took so much time and this forced us to look for a business travel agency to help streamline our process.

After reviewing the market, Locomote’s technology-driven approach and high touch service was the best option for us.

Simplified Booking & Travel Changes

Now that Hireup uses Locomote, Katie and the team counts on one easy-to-use platform for all of their travel management.

She says Locomote is so simple, she can plan all of the travel for her staff in just a few minutes. All flights, hotels, and car rentals are right there in one place.

And like anything in life unexpected things happen.

If we need to cancel a trip we are provided with regular credit reports and the platform notifies us of any credits for a traveller and we can use them instantly on their platform.

And with travel changes becoming a regular thing especially with border closures due to COVID, when we need to make a change or cancel a trip we simply start a live chat with Locomote and our requests are met within minutes.

Now, our team can contact Locomote for immediate, local expert assistance. “Any time of day, any time zone, somebody is there to help them.”

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