Locomote Makes Business Travel Quick, Convenient, and Reliable for Struber

Our previous travel provider’s service was slowing us down. Switching to Locomote made business travel hassle-free.
Natasha Hill
Finance Manager

Learning About Struber

Struber helps mould various Australian programs and projects and build a sustainable legacy by providing highly targeted communications and support, engagement services, and consultation. Every program’s success lies in one’s way of communicating and engaging with stakeholders. That is why we transform the way major projects are handled. 

Since 2013, Struber has been delivering various professional services. These include changing certain corporation functions, developing effective marketing materials, fostering strong relationships, ensuring tender support, handling the most difficult conversations, and more.

As our company based in Fortitude Valley, QLD, continues to grow, the need for business travel also increases. Given the nature of our service, we have to make sure communications and engagement with stakeholders that matter the most are maintained and strengthened. 

Thus, we need a reliable provider who can make travel convenient and efficient, so we won’t miss any opportunities for crucial programs and projects. 

Issues We Encountered Previously

Corporate Travel Expenses Not Visible

One major problem we encountered with our previous travel provider was the lack of visibility when it comes to booking confirmations. We couldn’t also tell the price until the provider would send us a quote via email.

Given that corporate travel costs are often expensive, it’s necessary to keep track of them and find ways to control such expenses. As the finance manager, my team and I are responsible for overseeing the company’s travel expenses. However, we could not manage our travel spending well with our former travel provider because of little to no information. 

Tedious Booking and Confirmation of Plans

As we specialise in project and stakeholder engagement, corporate travel is very crucial to us. We also handle several important projects and programs, so we can’t miss meetings, consultations, discussions, and other relevant steps to facilitate every project’s success.

Unfortunately, it would usually take forever just to confirm bookings and make changes to travel plans. Constantly having to communicate and wait for the booking changes to be reflected became inconvenient and frustrating. In turn, the delays also affected our team’s productivity and efficiency.

Poor Customer Support

Apart from the fact that the booking process and application of changes were cumbersome, we weren’t satisfied with our previous providers’ customer support too. In several instances, we couldn’t get immediate help when we had some questions regarding the travel program.

We from the financial management team shouldn’t have to deal with such delayed responses. Every step is critical for both our growing company and the projects and programs that we handle.

Since there was not enough customer support, a lot of precious company time was wasted. We can’t tolerate these issues, especially since we’re focused on effective stakeholder engagement.

Solutions Provided by Locomote

Easy Access To Travel Expenditures

With Locomote, we can easily track Struber’s allocated budget for travel and the corresponding costs. Details about flight changes and even tickets that were not used are also provided. With their platform, we can view the significant financial data in just one dashboard. 

Thus, we can carefully monitor each business travel spend, make informed decisions, and apply some adjustments if needed. From identifying the most costly travels, checking receipts, to tracking reservations, and more, Locomote exceeds our expectations.

“Locomote is such a user-friendly tool. Tracking our travel expenditures and budget has never been this convenient.” - Natasha Hill, Finance Manager 

Booking and Changing Travel Plans Is Such a Breeze

As a company focused on transforming the way organisations engage and build relationships with stakeholders, we need a smooth and seamless process for booking and even changing flights. This is given that emergencies, new arrangements from stakeholders, and other adjustments are inevitable. 

Fortunately, Locomote gives us exactly what we want and need. Making reservations and asking for changes is quick and simple. We don’t have any problems with monitoring our team’s business travel and discussing low rates either. Reporting is also accurate and detailed, so it’s exactly what was promised to us.

With the option to apply changes to our own travel plans, the whole booking and updating process is indeed hassle-free. Gone are the days when we had to spend so much time going back and forth with our former travel management partner just to make sure everything was settled. We need not go through extensive training too just to learn how to use the platform. It’s pretty simple and reliable.

“Locomote is a game-changer! It’s the only business travel provider you should use. The process is always smooth and straightforward. I wish we made the switch sooner.” - Natasha Hill, Finance Manager 

Excellent Customer Support

Locomote’s customer support is way better than what our previous travel provider had. Customer care specialists are friendly and highly competent. Whenever we have travel-related questions and concerns, they’re there to serve us all day, all week. 

With Locomote’s travel professionals always on standby to help us, we feel more supported and valued. They assist us in the way we communicate and foster healthy and productive relationships with stakeholders.


Working with our previous travel provider was daunting and time-consuming. We also didn’t get the resources and support we need for smooth business travel.

When we switched to Locomote, we got everything we needed, including easy access to travel costs and budget, impressive customer support, and hassle-free booking. 

We may have doubted whether it’s really a user-friendly platform, but Locomote truly delivered.

Booking and managing corporate travel and expenses have been smooth-sailing, saving us time, money, and other resources. 

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