Startupbootcamp Jumpstarts Efficient Business Travel With Locomote.

Locomote is a business booking platform that saves us a ridiculous amount of time.
Amy Burch
Head of People & Culture

About Startupbootcamp

Startupbootcamp was founded in 2010 in Copenhagen. Its mission is to support entrepreneurs worldwide through all the stages of their growth.

The organisation eventually attracted more entrepreneurs outside Europe, expanding the movement across Asia and the Americas. Now, Startupbootcamp has industry-focused accelerator programmes that other organisations can learn from.

Startupbootcamp offers programmes that provide entrepreneurs with direct access to international networks. The organisation supports early-stage tech founders by connecting them with the most relevant partners, mentors, and investors in different industries. Each programme is industry-focused, making Startupbootcamp an unmatched source of startup business opportunities.

The organisation has global programmes in major startup hubs, including London, New York, Singapore, Berlin, and Amsterdam. They support talented founders, participating in all major technology and industry conferences worldwide.

Startupbootcamp holds annual events in more than 100 cities to provide hands-on mentorship. With that said, their mission would be impossible to execute without business travel.

Startupbootcamp's industry is hectic, and business travel is a fundamental part of their operations. According to Head of People & Culture Amy Burch, the organisation found a solution to their travel needs with Locomote.

"Locomote is a business booking platform that saves us a ridiculous amount of time." - Amy Burch, Head of People & Culture

Previous Issues They Encountered

No Travel Policy

Before Burch joined Startupbootcamp, the organisation had no travel policy. Like any other business, travel expenses can quickly add up and strain the company's budget if not managed correctly.

An absence of a travel policy means there are no guidelines for business travel spending. It results in missed opportunities to save on business travel costs and causes employees to be less mindful of business travel spending.

A travel policy involves setting spending limits and booking procedures that business travellers must follow. When it comes to booking procedures, travellers can book their own trip or go through a business travel booking agency.

In Startupbootcamp's case, they needed a solution that even small businesses could utilise. The organisation needed a platform to support a travel policy their employees could follow without hassle.

Out-of-Pocket Travel Expenses

Since Startupbootcamp didn't have a travel policy, employees were pushed to book their travel and seek reimbursement afterwards. It was a challenge, especially for junior staff who didn't have the funds to wait a few weeks for refunds. They didn't have a visible way of tracking travel expenses, which made monitoring spending difficult.

The out-of-pocket travel expenses must always consider the company budget. Travellers need to be mindful of how much they spend on business trips and keep track of their receipts. This way, the company can easily reimburse business travellers without any issues.

In the case of Startupbootcamp, they needed a business travel booking solution that would allow them to monitor business travel spending in real time. The organisation didn't want employees to keep using their own money to book business travel and wait for reimbursement. Most importantly, they didn't want the organisation to miss opportunities to save on costs.

Managing Travel Budget and Costs

Startupbootcamp needed a simple way to ensure that travel expenses were coded to the right budget. The absence of a business travel booking solution made it difficult to track business travel spending and budget.

Business travellers need to keep track of their receipts and submit them for reimbursement when they book their own travel. This process can be time-consuming and leave room for human error.

On the other hand, booking agencies can provide business travellers with a breakdown of their spending. This way, employees can easily submit their travel expenses for reimbursement.

As a small business, Startupbootcamp knew it would thrive in visible business travel management. Burch said, "I wanted to streamline the process for all as well as get visibility and manage travel costs."

Response Time for Flight Changes

Like any business, Startupbootcamp was also susceptible to flight changes and cancellations. When business travellers book their own travel, they need to track their itinerary and make changes accordingly. Without the help of a business travel booking solution, employees could miss flight changes and pay more for their business travel.

Startupbootcamp used to worry about the response time in case of flight changes and cancellations. The organisation wanted to ensure that their employees could make changes to their travel itinerary on time. Moreover, they wanted access to the same prices as direct booking, especially for travellers on a tight budget.

Startupbootcamp relies on business travel to carry out its mission. Since it's inevitable to experience flight changes and cancellations, the organisation needed a booking solution that would still adhere to the company budget.

Solutions by Locomote

Traditional Booking Sites

Employees of Startupbootcamp were used to booking their own flights, meaning they were only familiar with traditional booking sites. Burch was looking for an online platform resembling conventional booking sites. With Locomote, booking doesn't feel any different for their employees as it utilises the familiar search interface of traditional booking sites.

Locomote made it easy for Startupbootcamp to move across business travel platforms. Their solution offers an intuitive search interface that business travellers are already familiar with.

As a result, employees can find the best flights and prices that fit their needs without the hassle of learning a new business travel booking system. "Locomote was the online platform that appeared to most resemble traditional booking sites that staff would be used to using." - Amy Burch, Head of People & Culture

Approval Process for the Managers

According to Burch, their favourite part of Locomote is the approval process for the managers. Locomote's feature allows business travellers to add their managers to the business travel booking process. This way, business travellers can get approval for their itinerary before booking their flights.

Locomote offers an efficient process to managers, which helps the whole organisation streamline business travel management. Managers no longer have to spend much time approving itineraries.

Costs and itineraries are visible for business travellers and their managers in one place. The approval process is quick and easy, and employees can get on with their travel arrangements without delay.

Self-managed Travels

Since Startupbootcamp started utilising Locomote's business travel booking solution, employees have felt empowered to manage their business travels. Employers no longer had to worry about out-of-pocket expenses and reimbursements. Even with changed flights or cancellations, business travellers can take care of their business travel itineraries without hassle.

For Burch, Locomote helped her reduce the time spent on assisting employees, identifying flight prices, and managing business travel changes. Everyone can find everything they need for travel in one place. The employees felt more in control of their business travels, resulting in fewer questions about business travel.

"As the COO, I don't have multiple staff coming to me and asking about pricing each and every time they book a flight." - Amy Burch, Head of People & Culture

Streamlined Travel Details

Ultimately, business travel should not burden employees or the company. With Locomote, Startupbootcamp finds all of their business travel details in one place. The booking solution offers an overview of travellers, upcoming business trips, requests, and business expenses.

As a result, the organisation can visibly see business travel expenses and allocate the company budget more efficiently. The staff can also focus on more important tasks rather than managing logistics. Locomote takes care of business travel management, so businesses and travellers can focus on their goals.


Startupbootcamp's mission is undeniably a great help for many startups. Future founders have found their business mentors and investors in the programmes. They have also raised their business game to a whole new level.

It's not easy to venture into business, but with the organisation's help, it has become more manageable and feasible. However, Startupbootcamp's success doesn't come without challenges. Administering business travel can be one of the organisation's many business hurdles.

In the past, business travel took up much of the company's time and resources, but with Locomote, business travel is no longer a pain point.

The business travel aspect is just one of the areas that the company needed help with. Locomote made business travel more accessible and more comfortable. Now, employees can easily manage their business trips and focus on their business goals.

What started as a way to support startup companies has transformed into a world-renowned organisation. Over the years, the company has helped countless startups and has expanded to multiple countries. They have contributed to the business world by producing tangible results and making a difference in people's lives.

As their business grows, so does their need to travel. Locomote is honoured to be part of Startupbootcamp's business journey in making business travel easier and more efficient.

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