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Scott Barber
Chief Commercial Officer

About Quantaco

Quantaco's core purpose is "Unlocking The Potential In Hospitality." The company combines technology and hospitality-focused expertise to provide services to restaurants, clubs, and pub groups. With over a decade of experience, Quantaco understands the challenges and opportunities that the hospitality industry faces.

Quantaco's extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry allows them to help clients recognise and maximise their potential. They aim for increased margins and sustainable growth through data-driven decision-making and technical interconnectivity. Quantaco provides business advisory, accounting, insurance and risk, capital advisory, digital and analytics, and marketing and loyalty services.

Some of the company's hospitality-focused and technology-driven solutions are Cashup, Star Compliance, Turn-Key Hospitality Platform, and Salesline. They help clients from the hospitality industry to access financial data digitally and centralise training and other requirements and activities. Quantaco developed a system that clients can use as their business' backbone without losing sight of the focal point: customers.

In this age of technology, businesses from every industry must keep up with all the technological developments in order to provide and maintain high-quality services. Quantaco does this for its clients. Just like its clients, Quantaco needs a system like Locomote to sustain its core purpose.

Previous Issues They Encountered

Growing Company and Absence of CBT

Quantaco is a growing company, meaning the demands for their services and the number of people in their team are increasing. This growth sees a possible expansion and additional options for profit generation. It's great news! However, Quantaco didn't have computer-based training (CBT). The company had no oversight on what was being booked or where its travellers were at any point in time.

Business travel for Quantaco allows people to build good foundations in business relationships. It's vital for the company's continuous growth. Still, without reliable corporate travel management (CTM) in place, Quantaco couldn't track its progress in terms of business travel. Generally, business travel demands a lot from any company. It was even more challenging for Quantico because they were transitioning into a bigger business without training.

User Adoption

Without CBT, people in Quantaco preferred various platforms for business travel. Whichever platform one person was used to, they used it regardless of if the others were using the same or not. This resulted in higher demand for tracking, updating, and reporting for the management. There was a concern about resistance to change, pushing the company to rethink its CTM.

As a growing company, Quantaco needed a centralised system that would allow them to keep up with the challenges and opportunities. They also needed a system that everyone could easily navigate, from business travellers to travel managers. Quantaco looked for a CTM solution that would best support the whole company.

Solutions by Locomote

"COVID had hampered our travel, so there wasn't much of an issue, but I was seeing a growth in travel, so I could foresee a problem was coming." Scott Barber​, Chief Commercial Officer of Quantaco

Ease of Use

Scott Barber, Quantaco's Chief Commercial Officer, had previously used Locomote and appreciated the simplicity and ease of use. The company had previously let go of the need for CTM because of the pandemic. When the need arose, Locomote gave them the solution for their business travel concerns.

When asked what his favourite part of the product was, Scott Barber said, "The simplicity of use and the broad range of options presented clearly on one page." Locomote provided a solution that shortened the company's learning curve about CTM. It has features that fit the different roles in Quantaco, allowing the company to set a system for business travel quickly.

The platform's ease of use helped Quantaco save time and money. Ultimately, Locomote quickly solved the company's CTM problems.

Consistency in Booking and Centralised Source of Truth

Since Quantaco used Locomote, it has seen consistency in the booking. Locomote now stands as a centralised source of truth for where their people are and whether or not they're complying with the company travel policy.

Locomote is a time-efficient and cost-effective CTM online booking tool. It allows Quantaco and its people to book their flights and prepare for their itineraries easily. Locomote's features and tools help the company track finances and schedules and give/receive reports effortlessly. Because the platform is user-friendly, Quantaco's people aren't intimidated by having a centralised system for business travel.

With Locomote, every member of Quantaco's teams can work on their business travel responsibilities. The company also exerts less effort in keeping up with its business travellers and activities. Every business travel and its details are accessible in one place.


The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) named the hospitality industry an important driver in global value creation. WTTC said the industry made a global economic contribution of $8.6 trillion in 2022. The hospitality industry is growing fast, and Quantaco plays a big role in its success.

Quantaco relies on technology to provide its clients with the most efficient and effective services. The company aims to help the whole industry thrive by making processes more accessible and opportunities more precise. As the industry grows, the company also must progress. Quantaco does this with business travel, connecting with potential partners from all over the world.

Business travel has always been challenging, especially if there's no existing system to keep everything and everyone in one place. Quantaco realised this problem when the industry started to bounce back as countries gradually lifted the travel borders. The company immediately knew they needed the same efficiency and practicality they provided their clients through their services.

Locomote understands the significance of business travel. It's the best way to explore possibilities and build lasting business relationships. However, companies cannot reap the benefits of business travel if they fail to prioritise their traveller's safety, track their progress and finances, and collect reports. All these crucial steps are made easy with one simple platform.

Locomote helps Quantaco move the hospitality industry forward. With its ease of use and centralised systems, Quantaco can continuously unlock the potential in hospitality.

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