Locomote Makes Corporate Travel Much More Efficient and Easy for KHQ Lawyers.

An easy way to book corporate travel that reduces time and cost.
Candice Perkins
Finance Controller

KHQ Lawyers is a top-ranked, fast-growing commercial law firm in Melbourne, Australia.

KHQ was founded in 2006 by two top-tier and in-house attorneys and has since grown to a company of over 80 employees with top-tier and in-house experts who know how to travel the journey alongside their clients.

They place a high value on getting to know their clients and personalizing their services to their specific requirements. They collaborate extensively with their clients to ensure that their services and solutions are relevant to their goals and serve their best interests.

KHQ Lawyers is rapidly growing and their clients are regularly increasing. With how their business currently operates, KHQ Lawyers is in constant business travel.

Business travel is critical for them to have a personal engagement that lays the groundwork for a future or current relationship with clients and partners.

Additionally, constant business travel and meetings are required to prevent misunderstanding and foster a sense of unity for the business to consistently provide excellent legal services and solutions.

When it comes to client communication, video conferencing and online calls are wonderful ways to connect when distant working, but for KHQ Lawyers, nothing replaces real-life human interaction.

That’s why they need to have an easy way to travel and make it to their meetings.


Booking and Making Changes Is Time Consuming

Candice Perkins, Financial Controller of KHQ Lawyers, is in charge of the company's corporate travel. She used to use Flight Centre to manage and book business travel for both her employees and herself.

However, with a busy company such as KHQ, it's not a surprise that travel plans can often change. 

Whenever she had to urgently change or update their bookings, she would have to wait for the travel center to make any changes or updates to her reservations.

As a busy professional who manages a growing company, it became a stressful and time-consuming booking procedure for her.

Lack of Visibility With Corporate Travel Expenses

Corporate travel expenditures are one of the most expensive and difficult to control expenses in most businesses. As the Financial Controller of the company, one of Candice’s major responsibilities is to control and oversee company travel spending. 

When using Flight Centre, she was dissatisfied with the reporting capabilities and ability to track money spent on travel. She believed there was a lack of visibility, and she had difficulty regulating the finances due to the little data accessible.

Lack of Customer Support

About the issue of a time-consuming update and booking procedure, one challenge Perkins faced was a lack of customer service when she needed help with something related to the travel program and the travel app; there was no one accessible to contact right away.

As a Financial Controller of an expanding company, every adjustment and action are critical; there should be no delay to resolve any problems.

However, the lack of customer support from her previous travel management company led to time being wasted which can negatively affect their business.


Candice Perkins began looking for a different type of travel management firm and came upon Locomote. As a top-ranked world-class corporate travel management firm, Locomote provided all of the solutions that Perkins needed and offered services that her prior travel management company couldn't provide. 

Making Booking and Changing Flights a Hassle-free Experience

With Locomote, everything that KHQ Lawyers needs is taken care of by a professional travel consultant and team.

From negotiating the lowest rates to making and changing reservations, as well as offering traveler monitoring, 24/7 assistance, and comprehensive reporting, Locomote has the company covered. 

Locomote also allows travellers to update or make changes to their travel arrangements, which cuts down the time spent on booking and updating trips, making their company’s travel experience way more efficient and seamless. Locomote provides solutions to everything that Perkins needs while staying by her company's policies and objectives.

“It's an easy tool to use to book corporate travel. It also provided us with the choice to select an agent or make our travel arrangements.” - Candice Perkins, Financial Controller

Travel Expenditures Are Meticulously Tracked and Reported

Locomote is a corporate travel management platform that allows finance teams and travel managers to see all of their company travel expenses and budgets, as well as flight changes, unused tickets, and other important financial data. 

On one convenient dashboard, Locomote's technology allows Perkins to easily view and record all information she needs for every business travel spend, and she can quickly download and note every piece of data. Locomote can also integrate its technologies with Perkins’ existing systems and ensure that her data is safe. Locomote gives her access to everything she needs to help develop, manage, and measure high-performing travel programs, including invoices, reservations, and receipts. 

“Now using Locomote, we can use their reporting tech and track money spent on travel.” - Candice Perkins, Financial Controller

24/7 Global Customer Support

With services covering the globe, Locomote has a team of well-trained and experienced customer care representatives that are available to answer all travel queries and concerns 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Moreover, Perkins is assigned to a single point of contact and never handed around to different people. She has access to Locomote's team of travel experts anytime she needs assistance or has questions. With a simple tap, click or call, it’s like having a travel agent in her pocket.

“I love the fantastic customer support and service. There is always someone to help promptly, and they’re always friendly.” - Candice Perkins, Financial Controller


Before using Locomote, Candice Perkins was frustrated working with a travel agency. With how critical her role in managing corporate travels and tracking expenses is, her former travel agency lacked the solutions she needed. 

Today — thanks to Locomote's simple-to-use and effective programs and services — KHQ Lawyers’ corporate travel and travel management are way more pleasant and easier to navigate.

For Perkins, Locomote has become the simple way to book corporate travel, saving her time and money while allowing her to focus on chargeable work.

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