Locomote helps Fitstop scale their business while managing their travel costs.

Fitstop business travel case study with Locomote
Since moving to Locomote, our business travel has become a much more time and cost-effective process.
Peter Hull

To manage travel, Fitstop was using a traditional corporate travel solution, while the service was fine, it didn't allow Fitstop and it’s employees to manage travel their way and when they wanted. Every business is different and how they manage travel also differs. 

With user experience as their number one goal, the Fitstop team knew they needed technology that employees actually wanted to use while also saving the company money.

Growing fast and expanding with over 50 locations, Fitstop needed a travel management solution with a positive user experience to bring their unmanaged travel program onto a platform that employees would actually want to use. 

“Since moving to Locomote, our business travel has become a much more time-efficient and cost-effective process. It allows for all your travel requirements to be in one central location and incorporates company policies and approval processes, making it so much easier to book for an individual or a larger group of travellers.” Says Dayna Dennett, People & Culture Coordinator of Fitstop.


  • Trip approvals taking too long, increasing our costs
  • Lack of after-hours support
  • High fees when requiring changes or cancellations
  • Disjointed experience for travellers

Results with Locomote

  • Around-the-clock support
  • 70+ NPS (Happy travellers)
  • Full visibility into spend
  • Under 5 day implementation

More Than Just Cost Savings

Fitstop realised that managing travel wasn’t just about saving money. Peter CEO of Fitstop explained: “It’s not just about the cost savings, but also the reporting, and the ease of use. User experience is a massive priority for us because if we wanted employees to adopt our travel solution, it had to work seamlessly.”

Support Anytime, Anywhere

“Locomote gives us 24/7 support, we get it, travel can be complicated. Changes, delays all of this can make business travel stressful. Whenever we have any issues, all we have to do is open Locomote and start a live chat and their team instantly responds, helping our team wherever they need it. It’s like our team has their own personal travel assistant in their pockets.” says Dayna.

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