Locomote has everything that a business needs for a smooth and convenient travel experience.

With the speed and efficiency of locomote, managing business travel has never been easier.
Marc Woodward
Senior Advisor

CAPI Sparkling is an award-winning supplier of sparkling mineral water, mixers, and fruit sodas in Australia. 

The company is a large distributor of sparkling mineral water and other products, with several resellers, stores, and offices. Given the distance between each venue, CAPI Sparkling needs effective business travel to succeed.

The Challenge: Managing Corporate Travel

Managing business and team travel can be challenging. The former CAPI travel management system had employees seeking information all over the place. 

There was no single method or resource they could use to obtain information such as booking schedules or flight information.

Lack of Support

Travel agents' availability and a 24/7 service model are hard to come by, and when they do, they're pricey.

Most travel agencies only work within regular working hours. As a business traveller, having no access to travel agents outside of work hours is a major challenge, particularly during business travel disruptions and unexpected changes.


Given how important business travel is, nothing is more aggravating than dealing with a travel agent who is unable to make things happen quickly. The time and convenience factor of having someone to plan their business travel has quickly faded and turned into frustration.

Most of the time, it forces the company to do their booking and itinerary from scratch, which is inconvenient and time-consuming.

Expenses Are Hard to Track

Corporate travel can be expensive, so it's critical for a company like CAPI to keep track of costs and monitor where the money is going. Travel agencies' expense reports can be inefficient, and the finance team had to make numerous changes to provide the right reports. 

With having difficulties in tracking travel expenses, travel management has become a more difficult task for everyone, especially the finance team.

The Solution: A Cutting-edge Travel Management Tech

Locomote has everything that a business needs for a smooth, convenient, and efficient business travel management experience. 

Locomote enables the team to handle their business travel in a more efficient, fast, and cost-effective approach.

24/7 Global Support

Locomote offers services all around the world. They have a team of knowledgeable and professional customer care reps who are available to answer any questions and concerns while travelling.

Locomote understands that each business is unique that’s why they provide custom services and technology to meet the needs of Marc’s business travel goals.

Easy to Work With

Locomote provides a dedicated consultant and team to handle all of business travel needs. From negotiating the best rates to making reservations, tracking travellers, giving 24/7 service, and providing comprehensive reporting, Locomote does it all.

CAPI's business travel needs are met by Locomote, which is in line with their policy and business objectives.


Locomote is passionate about transparency, which is why they assist businesses to set up their travel program for free, with no set-up fees or implementation costs. 


From getting frustrated while working with a traditional travel agency, travel management is becoming a lot more comfortable and easier because of Locomote's fast and effective programs and services.

All of CAPI’s business travel is now managed with the help of Locomote corporate travel management, which serves as a one-stop-shop for everything related to corporate travel management in an easy-to-use interface.

This helps Marc and the team to track and reduce team travel expenses, approve time, and have a better travel experience.

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