The 4 Qualities of a Great Travel Management Company

Corporate Travel
November 4, 2021
January 4, 2021

There’s great travel management companies, and then there are bad ones. What differentiates the two is the personal and professional qualities that provide for a smooth and enjoyable journey. Traits such as effective communication and agility, coupled with the right technology and operational processes are among the characteristics that businesses should look for when seeking the right travel management solution. Here are all 12 qualities that companies should consider if they want to provide a great corporate travel experience for their business travellers.

1. Authentic

Finding a travel management company (TMC) who has your best interests in mind can be challenging. All too many times companies try to push products on you without taking into consideration your goals and travel needs. Authenticity isn’t about the sell. Instead, it’s about making the right recommendations based on what’s best for the company and what kind of experience they want to provide for their travellers. This approach requires listening to your concerns and providing solutions that are right for you, rather than trying to sell you on something that you don’t need.

2. Knowledgeable

A great travel management company should be able to make recommendations from the countless options out there based on their in-depth knowledge of the tourism industry and solutions available. You should be able to count on their professional support and advice regardless of whether your employees are traveling locally or internationally. Look for experts who keep up with trends, receive ongoing training and use the latest technology for providing you with the best travel opportunities.

3. Resourceful

Knowledge is power but only if the TMC knows what to do with it. Ask questions to gauge the ways in which they can support your business and what resources they provide. Look for complete trip planning and buying support including whether they can arrange services for large-scale events, group travel, or for various parts of the world. Just because a TMC says they can solve your travel management challenges, doesn’t always mean that they have the resources to do so.

4. Agile

The solution that you ultimately decide on for your organisation should be able to support your travel needs in the short-term and long-term. Therefore, choose a TMC or travel management platform that scales with your business needs. Are you able to save travel information to re-book frequent trips? Are processing payments and reimbursing employees easy to do?  Consider these questions before pulling the trigger with any TMC or travel solution.

5. Technology-Led

Are the tools and systems used for booking travel up-to-date? Can they support your internal business travel needs? Many travel coordinators fail to embrace technologies when they become available, which can create a bad travel experience. Keeping up to date with technologies, however, can lower costs, streamline process, improve communication, and motivate employees to want to take more business trips. Therefore, look for companies who embrace new technologies that can support your business travel needs, and the preferences of your travellers.

Remember, great travel companies are those that encompass qualities like these to help your business accordingly. Those who aren’t authentic and have your best interest in mind; don’t have the resources to help you; struggle to scale as your business changes, and have old tools and systems simply aren't worth your time. So consider other alternatives instead.

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