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Flight Cancelled? We Got Your Back!

March 9, 2022
Locomote team
Nick Sutherland
March 9, 2022
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Even though the end of the pandemic is almost here, travel is still as volatile as ever. There have been recent surges in flight cancellations caused by tighter security measures. It’s often a disappointing scenario that affects work and personal life. 

During these cancellations, travel agencies and airlines receive calls for customer service. Passengers need to board a plane to their destination immediately. If they can’t get new flights, they’re going to miss connecting flights, important meetings, or long-awaited personal events.

While most found their rebooking experience a hassle, those that chose Locomote enjoyed a seamless experience. We are a trusted corporate travel management company that goes above and beyond our capabilities. That’s why our past clients have continued to rely on our services.

From rebooking to refunds, our platform takes care of everything for our clients. Whether they’re out on a business trip or a personal excursion, they can rest easy knowing we got their back. Read on to see how our services can help during cancellations!

Managing Rebooking's

When it comes to flight schedules, everything must go like clockwork. A delay on one end will create various other problems — especially for business travel. It can result in lost revenue or missed opportunities.

Say you’re going on an overseas trip to Bangkok from London with a layover in Dubai. However, your flight got delayed, so you missed your connecting flight in Dubai — but it’s crucial that you reach Bangkok on time for an important client presentation.

Locomote is your go-to partner for business travel. Managers or the passengers can contact us about the issue, and we’ll scan the flights to get you the next available seat. Once we find one, we’ll assist you in the rebooking process for your convenience.

With our streamlined service and attentive staff, you’ll be onwards to your destination in no time!

Managing Your Refunds

Sometimes, life just gets in the way. Flights get cancelled for whatever reason, and your team is left without any other options. 

The next problem you’re going to have to worry about is refunding the money for the tickets. They weren’t used, so you want to get the money back immediately, so your company can use it for other transactions. However, this process can be a long and complicated matter.

Getting refunds sometimes involves a lot of bureaucratic processes that you won’t have time to deal with. The complexity is understandable since it’s a financial matter, but you’d wish it was faster and hassle-free on your end.

Locomote will be there to make the refunding process easier. We’ll connect with the airline and follow through with your cancellation and refund as quickly as possible. That way, you can get your money back or earn credit in a matter of minutes.

COVID-19 Safety

As the world continues to adapt to new COVID variants and surges, many airports and local governments are imposing ever-changing protocols. It’s a matter of safety, but the guidelines can be confusing at times.

Because of this, companies and corporate travellers need to adjust to these new realities. Locomote will be there to help you manage whatever situation is thrown at you. At the minimum, we’ll help you navigate the protocols of a country or locality.

Our platform is equipped with features that let you know the latest COVID-19 guidelines. Use it as a guide whenever you arrive in new territory. You can also refer to it before making tough decisions like cancellations or rescheduled flights.

We’ll also assist those who’ve tested positive for the virus. With our application, we’ll guide you through the procedures, so you can safely isolate after arriving at a destination. We go that extra mile for your convenience!

Let’s Get You Back on Board!

You have places to be and clients to please, so it’s imperative that you and your team reach your destination — but the new travel realities can make things complicated. For an easy experience, Locomote is here to help.

We offer an array of corporate travel management services for businesses. Aside from reserving seats or hotels, we’ll take care of rebooking, refunding, and other related matters. We’ll also help you navigate safety protocols in various countries and airports.

Contact us now and let us know how we can assist.

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