Australia’s 30 Best Business Blogs

Today you don't have to wait around for the next edition of your favourite Australian business trade journal to be delivered to your mail box. You can get the latest and greatest business information from business leaders in the know simply by reading their blogs.

Here are Australia's 30 Best Business Blogs:

1. Small Talk

Small Talk & Co. is a directory of Australian small businesses and a blog-style collection of interviews with small business owners. The range of small businesses is impressive, from Chinese Medicine practitioners to marketing consultants.

2. Market Economics

Your business doesn't exist in a bubble, and Stephen Koukoulas knows this. He operates an independent economic analysis firm called Market Economics, and his blog keeps business owners informed about new economic data releases and government policy changes.

3. Bluewire Media

If you want to learn about digital marketing, spend some time at Bluewire Media. You'll find podcasts, guest posts, and tutorials to help you master the art of Australian digital marketing.

4. Dissolve

The Dissolve blog offers useful tips regarding corporate insolvency and liquidation. It's a very specific topic, but because it's so specific, it offers a lot of depth. Dissolve is written by liquidator Cliff Sanderson.

5. Copywrite Matters

As more and more Australian businesses rely on digital marketing, copywriting is becoming an essential topic for small businesses. The blog is run by Belinda Weaver, a writer and copywriting expert.

6. Socially Sorted

In addition to excellent copywriting, social media has become an important component of companies' marketing strategies. The Socially Sorted blog offers simple, accessible tips to help you improve your company's social media presence.

7. Safety at Work

If there's one area of small business management that's hard to keep up with it's occupational health and safety. The Safety at Work blog covers the latest law cases related to OH&S. Kevin Jones, author of Safety at Work, is a workplace safety consultant. He'll keep you up to date.

8. The Savage Truth

Business owners looking for recruiting help ought to check out Greg Savage's blog. His posts are often aimed at professionals within the recruiting industry, but small business owners can learn a lot about interviewing, recruiting, and hiring employees.

9. Naomi Simson

Previously, Naomi Simson blogged for SmartCompany, but now she has her own blog, which is part practical business advice and part professional motivation. The upbeat, positive tone of Simson's blog is motivational to entrepreneurs and business owners.

10. Coping with Jane

Jane Copeland's blog offers advice about building both your personal brand and your company's brand. Her blog also offers practical life coaching advice, which can be very helpful for busy business owners.

11. Start Up Blog

This blog for entrepreneurs covers topics that owners of business start-ups will find useful. Some posts are very general while others are case studies of start-ups that have been successful in specific ways.

12. Design School

If you're looking for inspiration related to content marketing and social media, Design School is a great blog to frequent. Design School is the blog of Canva, a successful Australian design company that helps people create professional-looking images for the web.

13. Swish Design

Small businesses deal with design issues all the time. From the creation of your logo to the constructs of your social media campaigns, you'll need to be informed about design, and Swish Design offers clear, simple advice for your business blog, your Facebook page, and even your entrepreneurial mindset.

14. Infinite Growth

Speaking and communication skills don't come easily for many people, and yet, as a business owner, you're called upon to use these skills frequently. Communications consultant Maria Pantalone regularly writes about these skills, and her tips and advice are offered in a way that won't intimidate or overwhelm.

15. Lush Digital

Content marketing is a must for most Australian businesses these days, and the Lush Digital blog is a great source for timely content marketing advice. The blog features 20-minute podcasts as well as news, interviews, and guest blog posts from content marketing specialists from around the globe.

16. Home Business Today

This blog offers advice and tips to Australia's many home businesses. You'll find a variety of topics ranging from affiliate marketing to building your personal brand.

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17. Posse

Rebekah Campbell created Posse as a blog for channeling business recommendations and to provide supportive guidance for local businesses. It's a great place for business owners to learn about new technologies as well.

18. Failing with Fortitude

Australian entrepreneur Leanne Faulkner has created a blog that is an entertaining mix of personal well-being and small business advice.

19. Hungry Australian

This blog is a great example of how an entrepreneur can turn a hobby into a business. Christina Soong is a writer, recipe developer, and food photographer, and she has turned these skills into a successful blog. Business owners interested in harnessing the power of business blogs could take some tips from the style and content of the Hungry Australian.

20. Zanita Studio

Stylist Zanita is building a brand based on fashion and style, and Zanita Studio is a great place to get design ideas. Additionally, she includes inspirational blog posts about setting goals and succeeding in business.

21. The Australian Small Business Blog

Professional speaker Dr. Greg Chapman created the Australian Small Business Blog to help entrepreneurs with marketing and business strategies, business planning, and coaching and consulting. He also publishes The Small Business Achiever.

22. Flying Solo

Flying solo covers lots of topics and features a variety of bloggers. You'll find articles, videos, podcasts, and blog posts covering the perfect work week, ways to beat procrastination, your company's branding, and more.

23. Smart Company

Smart Company is a gold mine of business information, and posts are packaged in short, easy-to-read packages. You'll enjoy the guest bloggers, case studies, and friendly format.

24. ProBlogger

Does your company need a good business blog? This is a great blog to help you create the kind of blog that will attract customers and create brand loyalty. Check out their podcasts and ebooks as well as their regular blog posts.

25. Valerie Khoo

Podcaster, blogger, and keynote speaker Valerie Khoo can teach you how to write a business book or improve your photography skills or even start producing your own podcast.

26. The Story of Telling

If the ever-changing world of business marketing has you scratching your head, spend some time at The Story of Telling. The informative blog posts will help you to understand new marketing paradigms.

27. Digital Buzz

The nearly daily blog posts at Digital Buzz include videos. You'll get the scoop on campaigns and industry news and hear lots of great ideas that could help your business.

28. 22 Michaels

Managerial-focused 22 Michaels is the diary of several entrepreneurs' successes, failures, and lessons learned from attempting to start "a business or two."

29. Dynamic Business

What's happening in the Australian business world? Get all the new, opinions, and debates at Dynamic Business. Contributors include James Ackland, Renata Cooper, Jo Macdermott, and Paula Maidens.

30. Social Media News

Curious about how your business can take advantage of social media? Visit Social Media News for Australian social media statistics, events, and tips.

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