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Ensure your staff are safe while they travel.

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Easily manage business travel risk.
Travel risk management and duty of care are high on any company’s list of concerns. We’ve made it easier to enhance your compliance standards and fulfil your duty of care obligations with our safety tool suite.
Locomote automatically alerts your tarvellers of passport expiration dates and visa requirements. So you and your staff can rest assured that all passports, visas and health requirements are valid and up to date.

Know the risks and setup the right approval process.

Locomote alerts you of any risk related locations and, if you have to go there, provides you with up-to-date travel and safety guidance. Locomote also offers an additional approval step for high-risk destinations ensuring that your company complies with duty-of-care compliance regulations.
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Locate your staff and communicate quickly.

Easily get a real-time view of where your travelling employees are and any issues relating to their travel. While being able to communicate directly with them and your travel agent to address any urgent needs with ease.
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The best experience in business travel.
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Trusted by 1000's of people from companies large and small.
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