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Reduce travel expense with a powerful corporate travel platform designed to make travel management seamless. Locomote.

Locomote is the corporate travel platform designed to help your business accurately book, manage, assess and report on corporate travel arrangements and your travel expense.

Seamless, intuitive and efficient

Travel expense is more than just the booking cost.

We've designed a better travel platform that not only offers you access to thousands of travel providers around the world, but anticipates what you need and how you need it. It works the way you work.

For travellers and admin staff

Locomote has been built specifically for universal use, across any device. Corporate travellers have access to their itineraries and unique profiles from smart phones, laptops, and tablet devices. They can book, change and edit itineraries on the fly, keeping in constant contact with the office through our message app.

Support staff can access travel data and booking information from desktop computers, communicating with everyone through a single portal and easy to use interface.

Our integrated partners provide access to benefits like expense management apps for travellers to record and capture receipts, invoices, mileage and time, billed directly to projects, clients or GL codes. Support staff are able to import and export credit card transactions providing fast and easy expense reporting and travel reimbursements.

Locomote's easy data extraction provides insights into your travel spend, trends, SLAs, workflow approvals, and more. Build confident financials on relevant data taken directly from the source when you need it.

A corporate travel platform that works the way you work. Simple, intuitive and with you every step of the way, the way travel should be.

Travel Expense

Take the first step

Don't let travel costs spiral out of control.
With Locomote, you will gain insights to improve travel behavior while having full control of your travel spend.

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1. Schedule a meeting

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Product Demonstration
2. Product Demonstration

Then we demonstrate how we can solve these for you.

Go Live Plan
3. Go Live Plan

Then we advise on what the best next steps would be to go live.