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World Travel Protection

World Travel Protection provides comprehensive 24/7 medical, travel, and security assistance to help travelers and organizations mitigate risks and handle emergencies worldwide

World Travel Protection (WTP) is a company dedicated to providing comprehensive medical, travel, and security assistance services to travelers and expatriates. Their mission is to support travelers before, during, and after their trips by helping them prevent and mitigate risks. This service is particularly beneficial for organizations looking to ensure the safety of their employees while traveling.

WTP offers a wide range of services, including:

1. 24/7 Emergency Assistance: Their emergency travel assistance teams are available around the clock, ready to respond to medical emergencies or security threats. They operate command centers in Australia, Canada, the UK, and Argentina, staffed with medical and security professionals who provide immediate support when needed  .

2. Travel Risk Management: They help organizations prepare for potential travel threats by conducting risk assessments and providing training. Their Travel Assist App and Portal offer real-time updates and support, ensuring that travelers and their risk managers are well-informed and able to make safer choices  .

3. Medical Assistance and Repatriation: WTP provides access to in-house clinicians and coordinates medical care, including repatriation if a traveler needs to return home for medical treatment. This service covers everything from daily illnesses to life-threatening emergencies .

4. Security Assistance: Their security experts track global threats and provide support during security incidents, helping to evacuate travelers from dangerous situations when necessary. They also offer specialized training programs, such as active shooter safety and LGBTQ+ travel awareness training .

5. Proactive Support: WTP focuses on proactive risk mitigation by offering pre-trip advice, travel risk training, and real-time threat monitoring. This helps prevent incidents before they occur, ensuring that travelers are better prepared and less vulnerable to risks  .

Overall, World Travel Protection aims to provide peace of mind to travelers and their organizations by offering robust support systems and cutting-edge technology to handle emergencies and mitigate risks effectively.