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Travel Fusion

A leader in direct-connect travel systems and the world's largest content supplier for travel meta-search solutions.

Travel Fusion is the world's leading travel content aggregator, pushing the boundaries to become the best in the business at managing and organising the maze of travel content available online.

By pioneering an innovative aggregation model, our system connects directly (using our Direct Connect XML API system) to hundreds of air, hotel, car, rail, ferry, ground transport and tour operator suppliers'​ web sites and their reservation systems and provides structured access to the content via a single XML API interface.

Key Features
TravelFusions content is integrated directly into the Locomote booking module to provide you with content you need from airlines, hotels, cars all over the world.

How It Works
When you are booking your itinerary through the Locomote booking module the interface between Locomote and Travel Fusion gives you reassurance that your trip is booked and ready to go. Our travel consultants are also integrated to Travel Fusion to ensure you have a consistent service whether booking yourself or via one of our amazing connected travel consultants.

Want Travel Fusion for your account?
If you would like this Travel Fusion enabled for your account, simply reach out to your Customer Success Manager.