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Bring your offline process online and have one platform to manage every thing to do with business travel.

You may already have additional information you collect from your travellers prior to booking, but that might be collected in a lot of different areas such as spreadsheets, email and even paper.

Imagine if you could bring all of your offline information you collect into your online workflow with Locomote.

The additional information module does exactly that, and you can create any specific additional information that you require.

Key Features
Re-create your offline process in Locomote and have one platform to manage every aspect of your business travel process.

This is a great way to understand everything about the way you travel.

Redefining your travel program is about bringing together the whole end to end experience in one platform.

Want this for your account?
If you would like build a custom app for your account, simply reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more details.