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The all-in-one sustainability platform to meet your goals–from carbon reporting, to emission reductions, to measurable ROI.

GreenPlaces offers an all-in-one sustainability platform with a team of experts to help meet your sustainability goals. Achieve carbon reporting, reduce emissions, boost loyalty, and generate measurable ROI from one platform.

GreenPlaces makes sustainability beneficial for business and the planet, accessible to all.

Meet reporting requirements and win business

Quickly produce carbon footprint reports, access a 20+ ESG Policy Library (including sustainable travel policies), and share sustainability initiatives easily. Achieve 100% ESG compliance, save on legal and consulting fees, and win business through sustainability.

Drive operational efficiencies and save

Identify cost and energy savings in utilities, water, and waste. Discover major spenders and irregularities across locations, and save up to 30% in utilities.

Attract and retain top talent

Attract and keep talent with branded sustainability communications, lunch & learns, activities, and clear ESG & DEI commitments. Unite your team around one sustainability vision.

Get certified
Earn GreenPlaces badge, offset your carbon footprint, buy Renewable Energy Credits, and achieve carbon neutrality.

● We offer a 10% discount for all Locomote companies
● We support fast-growing businesses (like yours!) across a range of industries–from tech companies and law firms, to restaurants and hotels, to massive service providers
● We're focused on your bottom line and climate impact
● We're a friendly team of experts that is with you every step of the way
● We make it easy to share sustainability, emissions, and ESG data and policies with your key stakeholders–investors, customers, and employees

Trusted by companies like yours:
“We switched to GreenPlaces because we wanted to work with an expert team focused on sustainability. Zuora needed a partner, not just software. GreenPlaces goes beyond supporting our carbon accounting and helps us find ways to reduce our carbon footprint.” – Luana Wolk, VP, Head of Investor Relations & ESG

“We practice sustainability because it helps us better serve our customers, foster connections amongst Lofters, and contribute to a greater world. GreenPlaces gives us a platform to provide our employees with meaningful ways to engage with each other and rally for sustainability. Collectively, we’re enriching our employee experience, nurturing culture, and reducing our footprint – a win win win.” – Winston Tuggle, Sr. Director, Talent Management & Development

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If you would like GreenPlaces activated for your account, simply reach out to your Customer Success Manager.