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FBT Travel Diary

Easily record of your travel movements when travelling for work.

A travel diary is a record of your travel movements which should show the dates, places, times and duration of activities when travelling for work.

The purpose of a travel diary is to help work out the work-related and private elements of your trip. You can only claim a deduction for the work-related part of your expenses. Read more about importance of a travel diary click here.

Key Features
The FBT Travel Diary app allows users to record all Business and Private
activities in relation to their trip request.

Travellers can:
- Select travel type (domestic or international).
- Based on the travellers trip details it automatically generates the amount of days away with editing capabilities.
- The FBT message changes based on Business/Private entries.
- All of these details add can exporting as a .csv for reporting.

Admin users can:
- Show and hide the application to your travellers.
- Set the percentage threshold that triggers the FBT alert.

Want this for your account?
If you would like this app enabled for your account, simply reach out to your Customer Success Manager.