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Conferma Pay

A new standard in travel payments. Control, pay, report and reconcile with Conferma Pay.

Conferma Pay combines innovation and expertise to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in the world of virtualized business payments.

Conferma Pay is fully integrated with all the major card schemes and serves over 50 banking partners, who issue Conferma Pay-generated virtual cards in nearly 100 currencies.

Key Features:
Control & Pay
Make supplier payments flexible, more controlled and secure with unique virtual cards for each company purchase.

Report & Reconcile
Sync and capture spend made on Locomote, with near-real-time visibility of all virtual payment activity. Automatically reconcile purchasing and transaction data from over 45 banks and 100 purchasing platforms.

Want this for your account?
If you would like this service enabled for your account, simply reach out to your Customer Success Manager.