Whether you are a business or an individual, access the tools and resources to measure, reduce and offset your carbon footprint.

Helping businesses understand their carbon footprint, discover more carbon-efficient flying options and offset their flight emissions.


Business travel has become a significant contributor to carbon emissions in the world. Sustainable business travel is impossible unless we all take climate action.

That’s why we’ve partnered with CarbonClick, a climate-tech company who makes climate action simple, meaningful and trustworthy. 


Together, we are enabling sustainable business travel by launching sustainability features throughout 2022. In the meantime, you can take climate action by calculating and offsetting carbon emissions on your flights.

Meet your climate goals

A carbon offsetting programme helps you account for the emissions you can’t reduce, giving a significant boost to the action you are already taking.

Support projects that fight climate change

Your contribution will go towards a carefully curated basket of high-quality carbon offsetting projects, providing positive impacts for both the environment and local communities. 

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Understanding & comparing flight carbon footprints

Allowing you to consider the carbon footprint when selecting and choosing a flight, comparing the emissions with other possible routes. 

Integrated and ongoing flight carbon offsetting

Allowing you to subscribe to offset some or all of your business’s flight emissions. 

Review historical data

Enabling you to measure, understand and report on the carbon footprint of past air travel.

Measure footprint of entire journey

Allowing you to add carbon footprint measurement of your entire business travel, including hotel stays and car rentals.

Want this for your account?

If you would like CarbonClick activated for your account, simply reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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