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Streamline your processes with a central payment solution for business travel.

AirPlus International is a global provider of business travel payment solutions for corporations. Many products are offered to support business travel payment, accounting, and analysis functions.

Key Features:
Before the trip
Plan and settle centrally - Use AirPlus as your means of payment for travel bookings and receive a single, transparent invoice to process and reconcile. Not to forget, all travellers whose trips have been paid through AirPlus are comprehensively insured.

During the trip
Pay on the go - Pay any expenses incurred while travelling with our AirPlus Virtual Cards by generating a virtual MasterCard number. Travel expense reporting is greatly simplified with a unique identifier for each virtual card generated and travellers are comprehensively insured during the entire trip.

After the trip
Evaluate, optimize and report after the trip - You can evaluate in detail all services paid through AirPlus. From this data, you can then quickly draw the right conclusions and make important decisions.

Want this for your account?
If you would like setup AirPlus for your account, simply reach out to your Customer Success Manager.