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[eBook] The New Age of Business Travel

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Many organisations require business travel to engage in personal, face-to-face interactions that lay the groundwork for future or existing relationships with clients, partners, and other businesses. For years, business travel has been an important part of building a successful company. However, when the pandemic rocked the world, corporate travel was put on hold.

Not only was business travel suspended, but many businesses were financially affected. With limits and strict implementations, the whole world has rules and regulations in place to ensure the safety of travellers. The Covid-19 pandemic altered history. Many businesses didn’t even want their employees travelling.

In 2021, when the world slowly began to recover and some travel restrictions began to lift, the new era of business travel began. Today, COVID-19 is still present, and complete elimination doesn’t seem to be any nearer. However, many limitations and criteria imposed earlier in the crisis are being withdrawn, allowing business travel to rise again.

Corporate travellers can adjust to the new normal and fully embrace the future of business travel.

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