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Locomote's powerful policy generator puts your business first. Manage and maintain your company travel policy from a complete corporate travel platform.

Enforce your company travel policy with a corporate travel platform that not only supports your internal policies, but actively helps to keep your employees on top of the most recent travel booking conditions.

Your company travel policy. Your way.

At every step in the booking process, any traveller or employee making a booking through Locomote will be reminded of your company's travel terms and conditions. You can also include spend limits and purchasing controls which will inform any employee with warnings of out-of-policy bookings prior to purchasing.


If your company has financial approval limits on travel bookings, Locomote can support workflow approvals and prevent unauthorised travel bookings. Travel requests will be forwarded through a designated hierarchy via email notification and approval takes just a few moments, confirming the booking.

Similarly, if bookings are held up by lengthy approval times, we can provide your company with data to help isolate bottle-necks and improve your approval times.

Policy generator

Locomote's flexibility was specifically designed so that company's like yours can tailor its functionality to suit your individual needs. Include your company's terms and conditions when a travel provider is engaged for any type of booking.

A corporate travel platform that works the way you work. Simple, intuitive and with you every step of the way, the way travel should be.

Company Travel Policy

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With Locomote, you will gain insights to improve travel behavior while having full control of your travel spend.

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