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Two Australian tech companies join forces to provide safe and easy travel for the energy industry.

May 9, 2022
Locomote team
Tass Messinis
May 9, 2022
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Australian tech companies Locomote and JESI have announced a partnership to deliver travel and worker management solutions for Chevron, America’s second-largest energy company. 

Chevron has a long history in Australia, and the two companies have combined SaaS technology to help Chevron streamline travel and safety check-in processes for its workers. 

Locomote organises pre-trip requirements, travel approvals and full end to end travel booking services, and JESI enables companies to manage their duty of care obligations and mitigate associated risk.

By combining SaaS technologies, the two tech companies now provide a world-class tech solution that enables Chevron to manage its risk and travel pre-trip approvals for their workforce. 

Locomote co-founder and CMO David Fastuca said the partnership was a game-changer in today's environment, providing the energy sector with something that is well overdue for.

“The shift in corporate travel due to COVID has increased the scope of a company’s travel risk management. Integrating the two solutions provides visibility of employees.

Locomote and JESI have recently gone through fundraising separately and positioned themselves for future scale and capital raising. In the discovery phase with Chevron, JESI realised they could provide a better outcome and user experience by partnering with Locomote.

“The willingness of our two companies to work together has provided an immediate end-to-end solution for Chevron. We are proud of the way our two teams have worked together to get Chevron up and running in a matter of days rather than months. It shows what can happen when two agile tech companies partner rather than work independently. Together, we have an ability to scale to any client's needs.” David said. 

JESI Co-Founder Kathy Wilson said that safety and visibility are two core features of JESI's Software. 

"As restrictions are lifted and borders begin to open, companies need to have a good look at the way they manage the movement of their workforce. There is a growing expectation of Companies to do more for their Employees, especially when it comes to Corporate travel. Managing movement from Airport to Airport or Site to Site just isn't enough. The integration between JESI and Locomote allows complete visibility of employee movement." Kathy Said