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Locomote Makes The Tech 2021 Hotlist

September 3, 2021
Locomote team
Tass Messinis
September 3, 2021
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Locomote is excited to announce that we made the prestigious list of Top Travel Tech providers in the Business Travel Magazine for 2021.

Most business travel agencies are the same and that's a problem for the companies that hire them.

The issue is that most agencies need to license the tools that make up their service from third parties and pass this cost on to you.

For example, their online booking and reporting tools are built and maintained by other companies.

The tools that you rely on every day to make critical decisions are managed by someone else in some country that you have zero visibility over.

Not to mention that some if not all customer support is outsourced too.

This lack of control is a problem for customers who need a travel partner that they can rely on.

Traditional travel agencies can't move fast enough to reinvent themselves. And with this recent pandemic, this has only magnified this point.

Locomote is different.

We are a full end to end technology led corporate travel agency that gives you everything you need to easily manage, book and approve business travel.

Check it out for yourself and see why we made the Tech Hotlist.