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Locomote Launches In New Zealand With Travel Lab

February 10, 2022
Locomote team
Tass Messinis
February 10, 2022
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Locomote, a customer-focused and tech lead business travel company, have today announced that they will be entering the New Zealand corporate travel market in a significant way after signing a preferred partnership agreement with the New Zealand Travel disrupter, Travel Lab Ltd. 

Locomote, has been the talk of the Australian travel industry in recent months and was founded in 2012 by Dave and Ross Fastuca.

The technology is designed to provide the ultimate experience for corporate travel programs. From booking their flights, managing approvals, and instant live chat all within a single platform. 

It aims to decentralise how corporate travel is handled by providing businesses with a solution similar to Uber but designed for business travel and having been under the ownership of the formerly publicly listed UK-based technology provider, Travelport, since their acquisition in 2016, the cousins took back control of the business in July 2021.

“While most in the corporate travel space were cutting costs due to the devastating effect of COVID-19, we took this opportunity to take back Locomote and to continue on its original vision - to become a global household name for making business travel hassle-free,” said Ross Fastuca CEO. “But this time we are keen to do it even bigger and better”.

And they are holding true to their word having secured former Helloworld executive and Head of Corporate, Nick Sutherland, as the Global Chief Commercial Officer for Locomote. 

To add further to this lineup, former Helloworld NZ CEO, Simon Mckearney and Senior Travel Executive, Hayden Armstrong, the Founders of Travel lab, will partner their business with Locomote and enter the corporate travel market in NZ with a new, soon to be released, brand.

Both Mckearney and Sutherland agree there is a massive opportunity in their respective corporate travel markets as so many agents unfortunately have left the industry as a result of COVID. “We have the chance to deliver the best technology for the customer servicing the market requirements of both New Zealand and Australia in one platform. ” The pair commented. 

Mckearney added, “The focus of Travel Lab over the last year has been all about creating technology that not only helps the consumer with a superior experience but also our industry as a whole.

This effectively reinvents and rewrites the travel book of old – Locomote ticks this box in a very big way for Corporate Travel”.

Ross Fastuca, Co-Founder and CEO of Locomote commented

“This is only just the beginning of our growth story. Having built this innovative technology over the past 10 years, we believe we’re in one of the best positions globally, to grow with the market as business travellers return to the sky.

Whilst most are doing their best to survive in a tough market, we are investing and winning lots of customers. Having Simon’s experience and knowledge as our NZ partner is a massive bonus for our growth plans. We’re primed for the inevitable return of the new business travel era”

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