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Help Your Employees Follow Corporate Travel Policy

April 12, 2022
Locomote team
Ross Fastuca
April 12, 2022
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A travel policy exists to further the interests of your company. It allows you to take more control of how your employee’s business trips are conducted to ensure that the funds are well-spent.

But, how do you know if your corporate travel policy increases the opportunity for your company and employees? 

Your travel policy should aim to improve their efficiency. This will in turn guarantee that your company maintains its good relationship with your clients, partners, and suppliers. 

Therefore, your travel policy should be written out in a manner that is easily understandable. It should also bridge the gap between the company and your employee’s interests to improve their morale.

How To Align Your Corporate Travel Policy With Your Employees’ Needs

Your company has tons of policies that your employees need to know about. Corporate travel policies, however, are often neglected despite their clear importance. 

Don't worry! Here are the steps that you can take to level up your corporate travel policy to help empower your employees.

Travel Policies Should Be Simple and Easy To Understand

The sheer difficulty of reading the guidelines of corporate travel may discourage your employees from ever reading them or comprehending what they mean.

Save yourself from additional costs and unnecessarily more time to get your employees up to speed on what exactly you mean in your policy by simplifying your language.

Your corporate travel policy is read by employees from all levels of the company. 

Whether they are your senior managers or your front-line workers, the easiest way to streamline corporate travel is to make sure that it is codified in the easiest language possible.

You can’t risk your policies being ambiguous because if your employees are unsure of what to do when faced with a problem, then they might as well not do anything. 

Furthermore, ambiguous travel policies will encourage employees to find loopholes, endangering your funds and efficiency.

The key here is to keep your corporate travel policy as brief and concise as possible. Nobody wants to read a long document, after all!

Keep Your Travel Policy Consistent With Your Corporate Culture

Finding a generic travel policy template and plastering it in your documents can be tempting but isn't a wise idea since corporate travel has many things to consider. 

This not only includes your expenses but also employee safety, reimbursement guidelines, bookings, and more.

This is the reason why your policy should be in tune with your company’s culture, company structure, and established norms. They are especially unique to your company and employees so your travel policy should be nuanced to these needs.

Why should this be the case?

It’s because you’d want to give your employees an easy time adjusting to their itineraries, budgets, and even the process of booking and reimbursements. 

The best way to do that is to adopt a language and a system that is already familiar to them.

By doing this, you make sure that they can easily follow your guidelines since the adjustment process is not too rigid and detached from their experience for the rest of the company.

Travel Policies Can Be a Great Motivator for Employees To Save Money on Travel

An easily understandable and clear travel policy serves as an incentive for your employees to save costs while travelling.

You can also give financial incentives or perhaps even a vacation if employees are willing to save their budget for their business trips.

The clarity of your corporate travel policy will help your employees determine how exactly they should spend their budget. 

This enables them to make wiser decisions on things like booking hotels, everyday commutes, and even leisure.

A rewards system further underlines this necessity. There will be enough incentives in place that encourage a more prudent spending behaviour by your employees.

Review Your Travel Policy Regularly

You may think that after following the steps above, you have already made the best corporate travel policy in the world.

You’re partially right, but this should not make you complacent about any changes that may happen in the future. 

After all, your corporate travel policy should not remain static.

Travel policy reviews are a great way to find indicators for their effectiveness in decreasing company expenses.

Constantly consult with your employees and HR for feedback on the possible improvement of your policy.

This way, you are making sure that your employees get the most out of their corporate travels.


Corporate travel plays a vital role in your company’s well-being. As such, you need to make sure that it constantly meets the interests of your employees. 

To do that, you will need to consult with them and your HR managers. This is to guarantee that you have a functional travel policy that can be complied with by your employees.

Do these things and you will definitely raise employee morale while not sacrificing prudent spending behaviours.