Essential Tools for Travel Agents

Corporate Travel
November 4, 2021
January 4, 2021

Travel agents are under constant pressure to delight their corporate travel clients with a seamless, integrated and profitable business trip experience.

However, without the right tools for the trade, doing so isn’t easy. Expense management, travel insurance, booking tools, risk assessment, communication and analytics are just some of the must-haves for travel agents.

But grappling all of these independent tools is a hard ask for even the most skilled travel agent. A travel management platform that consolidates all of these vital elements of travel organisation saves time, money and a whole lot of head-scratching:

Booking Tools

Perhaps the most obvious feather in the travel agent’s cap is a good booking tool. Locating the right flight, accommodation and transport can be the most time-consuming element to corporate travel, and a streamlined booking tool does much of the heavy lifting for them.

There are so many booking platforms out there, and surprisingly a lot of them aren’t built to easily handle complex corporate travel itineraries. Travel agents who labour with a booking tool that doesn’t easily handle itinerary changes end up pulling their hair out with sluggish processes.

Risk Management Tools

Ensuring the safety of your travelling clients at all stages of their business trip is essential. Companies have duty of care for their overseas employees, so need an accurate risk management tool to comply.

Travel agents need a risk management tool that is up-to-date and accurate. The best tools allow them to monitor the location of staff anywhere in the world, with a snapshot view of where they’ve been and where they’re going.

Our risk management tool has exceptional additional features. It even automatically alerts you of passport expiration dates and visa requirements, so your clients can be confident they won’t encounter issues on that front.

Communication Tools

Even in today’s hyper-connected corporate travel world, touching base with overseas employees isn’t always easy. Travel agents need an effective communication tool to alert of any itinerary changes or safety guidance.

As for everyday correspondence, travel agents need a service that facilitates regular and reliable communication on trip status, approvals and support.

Analytics Tools

Corporate travel clients have the bottom line at front-of-mind, so demand bang for their buck when they enlist the services of a travel agent. In order to report on savings and optimise their product, travel agents need access to detailed analytics on all elements of their operations.

Clients want to maintain their strict spending control, while finding the best service at the best price. To put their minds at ease, a powerful analytics tool will visualise savings and reveal areas for improvement.

Locomote features detailed insights on policy performance, spending control capabilities and automated audit reporting.

A Flexible Management Platform

Any travel agent worth their salt will be able to offer their corporate travel clients access to a flexible and comprehensive management platform.

Knowing they’re supported at all times of their journey alleviates the stress of corporate travel, allowing them to focus on landing the deals they travelled for.

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