6 Email Newsletters Travel Managers Should Be Reading

Corporate Travel
November 4, 2021
January 5, 2021

The corporate travel industry is rapidly evolving, and travel managers are evolving with it. Whether it be big data, the sharing economy, mobile payments or the internet of things, the best travel managers have a keen understanding of where their jobs are heading.

Here are 6 email newsletters the best travel managers subscribe to, and why you should too.

1. Business Travel News

An obvious inclusion on this list, Business Travel News (BTN) is one of the longest-running sources of corporate travel analysis, research and current affairs in the industry. Their physical publication is released monthly, however they also have an extensive digital portfolio they distribute for free.

The BTN Group is a US-centric organisation, however their newsletters like BTN Daily, BTN Global and BTN Travel Management cover diverse industry news from around the world.

What can travel managers expect from Business Travel News? Carrier news, internet of things innovations, industry roundups and global trends.

2. EMarketer Daily

eMarketer are the self-proclaimed “first place to look when you need data about digital.” If you’ve ever searched for digital usage trends and forecasts, chances are you’ve come across one of eMarketer’s iconic red and black charts. They live and breathe data, and are meticulous in their research methodology.

At first glance, eMarketer may appear more the domain of digital marketers than travel management professionals. However, eMarketer’s mission is as applicable to marketers as it is to travel managers;

“We want to be the first place to look for information that will help you make better decisions about being more effective in a digital world - no matter what business or profession you’re in.” - eMarketer

What can travel managers expect from eMarketer Daily newsletters? Global digital trends and forecasts, technological innovations in hotels, sharing economy forecasts, internet of things challenges and adoption.


3. The Company Dime

You get what you pay for, and most travel industry business news is free. The Company Dime sells insight.

Our mission is quality journalism for those interested in business travel services, expense management practices and travel industry change. Our features, exclusives and analysis equip business travel professionals with vital info for top performance.

4. Skift

According to their website, Skift is “the largest industry intelligence platform proving media, insights and marketing to key sectors of travel.” Their mission is simple; to “decipher and define global travel trends.”

The Skift Business Traveler Newsletter is delivered weekly, and includes “news you can use” on airlines, airports, technology and hotels. Their newsletter is easily digestible and free of clutter, with well-written articles and compelling statistics.

What can travel managers expect from Skift? Sharing economy news, in-flight technology, airport innovations and carrier updates.

5. TechCrunch

While not as directly applicable to the corporate travel industry as other e-newsletters on this list, TechCrunch’s ‘The Daily Crunch’ is a good round up of the latest and greatest technology news in the world. And as any travel manager worth their salt knows, tech has been the driving force behind almost all industry change in the past decade.

TechCrunch’s news is diverse, with anything from mobile innovations to the ethics of colonising Mars. For inquisitive travel managers with a keen interest in technology, The Daily Crunch can be a strong source of procrastination.

That said, TechCrunch have an enduring coverage of virtual payments technology, the internet of things and a strong focus on startups. Articles like “How IoT Adopters Can Make Efficient Use of Their Data” will no doubt intrigue forward-thinking travel managers.

What can travel managers expect from TechCrunch? General technology news, data and security conversations, internet of things innovations and startup news.

6. Locomote Blog

We encourage all travel managers to subscribe to the Locomote blog for corporate travel and business & entrepreneurship insights.  

Our weekly e-newsletter explores corporate travel trends, forecasts and innovations, and intends to arm travel managers and travelling employees with the expertise and technology to succeed.

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