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A platform that empowers you to drive change and achieve a quantum leap in program efficiencies. More than an online booking tool, our range of app-powered workflows consolidates the entire travel lifecycle.

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Reduce business travel cost?

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Reduce business travel cost?


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Make business travel easier


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Keep my travelling staff safe
Our Story

our story

We know the issues you face.
We experienced it ourselves.
It’s our mission to fix it for you.

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Corporate Travel Management

We solved corporate travel management. It works the way you work. It’s simple, fast and seamless. Meet Locomote – the smart corporate travel platform.

Our first step toward redefining corporate travel management was in rejecting the status quo. To discover what you really wanted from your travel platform – and what we could offer – we challenged everything.

While constantly searching for a premium product and outstanding service. You also wanted to save costs and increase efficiencies. We listened and we built Locomote – a holistic, seamless and intuitive solution.

By taking the time to really listen to industry users, we discovered the key elements your corporate travel platform had to include and combine.

  The Solution

Relevant, live insight into your travel data

Locomote is equipped with powerful management tools enabling users to extract precise travel spend data. We’ve made it simple to measure cost control and make effective decisions.

Seamless user experience and intuitive responsiveness

A single gateway to thousands of travel providers, Locomote connects your travellers from any device anywhere in the world. Automated processes assist with keeping your people on the move without sacrificing compliancy or spend control. Duty of care responsibilities are enhanced with detailed user profiles and travel logs.

Every company is unique, that’s why Locomote was designed to work the way you work.

Making a booking is only a small part of a broader travel experience. Our holistic travel platform anticipates your business needs and expectations. We offer tailored solutions like a powerful policy engine, approval workflows, and cost allocations.

  Corporate Travel Management

Discover the power of advanced thinking

Erase non-compliant travel spend, imprecise expense reports, and unfriendly multi-platform booking software. Start fresh with the innovative solution designed specifically for you and your business.

Locomote. A corporate travel platform that works the way you work. Simple, intuitive and with you every step of the way, the way travel should be.