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Giving hope to
those that need it.


At Travelport Locomote, we love helping people travel. In fact, we love it so much that since launching in 2014, we’ve helped our clients travel over 4 million kilometers (that’s to the moon and back 5 times!).

We have helped banks, not for profits, universities and everybody in between. If you need to travel for business, Travelport Locomote has you covered!

Many people are required to travel to receive specialist medical care for serious illnesses or disabilities and while most governments offer some degree of reimbursement, we know there’s often a gap.

That’s where Travelport Locomote Hope comes in. It helps people who need to travel to receive specialist medical care by organising travel arrangements and covering costs.

Who is it for?

Patients with a serious illness or disability who need to travel long distances to receive specialist medical care. And carers of patients with a serious illness or disability who must travel with the patient.

 Who is it for?
Your help

We are looking to build partnerships with organisations who can share their knowledge and experience with us as we grow. Travelport Locomote Hope is off to a great start with the support of our talented and passionate team, with your help we can make an even bigger impact.

Think you can help? reach out to us and let’s give more hope those that it need it most. click here to start the conversation.

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