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Jetstream Travel

A corporate agency based in Brisbane strives itself on exceptional customer service whilst tailoring itself to each client.

Scott Mayne, CEO & Founder

Scott Mayne comes with 22 years’ experience in travel industry with a focus on corporate travel. As the founder of Jetstream Travel 7 years ago he has built Jetstream from a 2 person office into a multinational operation.

Cameron Simms comes with a background in marketing and economics, Cameron has been with Jetstream Travel since its inception. His main focus is currently on client acquisition operations in Australia and Middle- East and South America.


How has managing clients corporate travel changed since using Travelport Locomote?

The biggest improvement we've found is booking efficiency. Prior to using the Travelport Locomote there was a lot of back and forth between us and the client which made us very time poor and also allowed for high level of error. We knew we needed to make a change if we wanted to grow as a company.

Travelport Locomote has allowed us to ensure the booking process is a lot more streamline which means we can now focus more on the details which means we're getting the bookings right straight up. Mistakes or lost bookings just don't happen anymore.

This process has meant we've been able to double our booking volume without having to increase our staff levels. A huge win for jetstream.


Designed to make booking travel easier and more efficient

We looked at all the other platforms in the marketplace and we had no doubt that Travelport Locomote stood out as the platform that was designed to make booking travel easier and more efficient the client's perspective.

When we looked at what else was on offer, the platforms were very complex-they seemed to be trying to do too much without having the basic right. Travelport Locomote had the basic fundamentals right so for us that was the most important part. Travelport Locomote has the end user experience as the forefront of its design which is what makes it stand out from its competitors.


Our clients are amazed at how easy booking travel is to book travel and how efficiently the process is.

All our clients have embraced the move very easily which we're sure is due to the outstanding implementation process offered by Travelpot Locomote. We have integrated 8 clients onto the platform since we started with Travelport Locomote which is the fastest growth we have experienced time.

Our clients have on boarded with full training in as little two weeks and with such a smooth process it's meant that they're up and running with little fuss in no time at all. Once on the platforms our clients are amazed at how easy booking travel is to book travel and how efficiently the process is.

We have had several of our clients comment on how perfect the customisation aspect of the platform is to their needs. The platform allows for workflows that are specific to their company which means our clients are getting a tailored platform not a generic off the shelf option.

One of our clients mentioned that prior to using the platforms no one really knew what the company policies were for flights, airlines, class of travel, hotels etc. Now with the policy being so centralised everyone Knows exactly what the policy is which means the company is saving money that they otherwise wouldn't have even realised.



We love how transparent the booking process is.

Bookings have now moved to the client to the client. The client has control of their own booking process, cost options and compliance making the entire process completely transparent. We are there to make sure the details are correct and the booking is finalised. This all means that the travel booking process has been simplified for both the client and us the TMC.

We love how transparent the booking process is. At every stage stakeholders are informed through the notification process so you know what's going on with all bookings at any time. This means there's no way to miss or lose a booking. Both us and the client can see exactly what's being spent, where, how much and by whom. We can have an overall snapshot of all our clients at any given time which is something we weren't table to do before.


Increased our customer base with no increase to staff.

Travelport Locomote has allowed us to not only remain true to our own brand ensuring the customer is always centric to what we do but it has allowed us to build on this even further. We are now able to offer our clients a service that is fully tailored to their needs with as much ease of use as possible.

Together with this, we've been able to increase our client base without having to increase our staff, with the amount of new clients we've taken on over the past few months we would have had to double our consultants to have managed the huge increase in workload. This would have lead to many organisational changes for jestream which we weren't looking to do. Even now, with all the additional clients we've taken on. We still have room for growth without any additional employees.

We have no doubts in recommending Travelport Locomote to anyone. Using Travelport Locomote we know every part of the booking process will be done correctly, with ease of use and the ability to be tailored to the client's specific needs. This is exactly what we've been looking for from a corporate booking tool.

Travelport Locomote is number one in our eyes. It's not a one size fits all platforms. We're very much a company that works to look after the specific needs of our clients so that the customised platform reflects us as well. We have always offered our clients a tailored service and now with Travelport Locomote we can continue to in a very efficient way.

Travelport Locomote are never content. They're always developing and introducing new features. They take on feedback from us and our clients and we know it goes straight on the roadmap which we love. It makes us feel very much a part of the process, design and development.

We have always offered our clients a tailored service and now with Travelport Locomote we can continue to in a very efficient way.
Scott Mayne CEO & Founder
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