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The Challenge

You understand that keeping staff safe while they travel is critical to any travel program. Travel risk management and duty of care are high on your company’s list of concerns, and knowing that you have done everything possible before your staff travels are just as important as what happens while they travel.

With so much risk comes complexity and there are so many factors to take into consideration, you don't know where to start. From managing approvals that have a high-risk factor through to ensuring your staff are taking the necessary steps to prepare for travel.

You feel like you are fighting a never ending to-do list and there is the potential for human error, which could end up placing your company in a situation of breach of duty of care obligations, or even worse, create a devastating situation for your staff.

With all of this and so much more, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed as your company is relying on you to ensure the safety of their staff while they travel. This leaves you wondering: "There has to be a better way."

 The Challenge
We Understand

The team at Travelport Locomote understands how hard it can be. Like you, we faced the same challenges when trying to find a solution to ensure the safety of our staff while they travel.

 We Understand
The Solution

Frustrated by the lack of options, we built a corporate travel platform that not only solves these problems but is trusted by some of the largest and fastest growing companies across the globe.

 The Solution

Take the first step

Don't put your company at risk. Ensure you have done everything you can before your staff leave and keep track with them while they travel.

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1. Schedule a meeting

During this session, we listen to the problems you face.

Product Demonstration
2. Product Demonstration

Then we demonstrate how we can solve these for you.

Go Live Plan
3. Go Live Plan

Then we advise on what the best next steps would be to go live.