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Retain control of your corporate travel policy with Locomote – the corporate travel platform that works the way you work.

Locomote is the corporate travel platform simple enough to work on every device and powerful enough to ensure your business creates policies that your staff actually follow.

Reduce and simplify.

Developed in response to industry users, Locomote's design was motivated by the desire for a simple corporate travel platform that gives the user maximum control.

Make smart business decisions and develop a strong corporate travel policy with Locomote's extensive reporting platform that works the way that your business works.

Use Locomote on any device.

Made to travel, Locomote works across any device and operating system. Enjoy Locomote's full functionality from the convenience of your phone or tablet device.

Book, change, track, and repeat.

Locomote is more than just a booking tool and it's very good at that too. Find a flight, book a hotel and ground transport, manage your travel expenses. Sounds simple and with Locomote, it really is.

Book from thousands of travel providers around the world or restrict your selection to vendors with pre-negotiated rates or preferred agreements. Report on their SLA times and manage your contracts with real data available instantly.

Track your expenses on the fly. Travellers can load their costs and spend straight into Locomote as they go – even forward claims and details on the fly with an instant messaging app connecting them in real-time back to the office and support staff.

Powerful policy generator.

Locomote can also ensure your corporate travel policy takes precedence on any transaction you make or book. With our powerful policy engine, you dictate the terms of your engagement remaining in control of your vendor choices and costs.

A corporate travel platform that works the way you work. Simple, intuitive and with you every step of the way, the way travel should be.

Corporate Travel Policy

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Don't let travel costs spiral out of control.
With Locomote, you will gain insights to improve travel behavior while having full control of your travel spend.

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