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Leighton O’Brien

Leighton O’Brien is a global market leader in analytics software and field technologies for retail fuel networks looking to reduce environmental risk, minimise fuel losses and increase profit margins. With 57 licensed service distributors in 19 countries, the safety of their staff while travelling is integral to their business.

Diane Jackson, Admin

Our technologies at Leighton O’Brien enable customers to achieve the tightest storage systems, lowest fuel losses, and cleanest fuel. We’ve been operating for over two decades and in that time have grown our network of distributors both locally and globally.

Being a dispersed global business, we have staff that travel often, our technicians need to have travel booked quickly so that they can run the jobs they do effectively. We came across Travelport Locomote in July 2016, when we were looking for an alternative travel solution for our business.


We needed a solution that gave us more control and transparency.

Before we discovered Travelport Locomote, we’d been using a travel management company (TMC) for over six years. Using the TMC had become second nature, however it was time to look at other options. We wanted a solution that would give us more control and transparency over our travel expenditure.

The existing process, while easy and convenient, meant that we weren’t presented with every choice or option for travel. The final booking decision was made by the TMC and there were complaints from staff about the consistency of bookings.

In addition, some of the extra service fees we were paying were not insignificant and unnecessary. Ultimately we needed a travel platform that offered greater control at a lower cost.


Clean, simple and focused on the user experience was key.

We were immediately drawn to the simplicity of Travelport Locomote. With a focus on user experience, the platform interface was clear on the screen, easy to read and easy to understand.

With company compliance at the forefront, we were presented with all of the travel options for consideration, rather than the ones selected by the TMC. The approval system encouraged staff to think more carefully about the costs, rather than simply booking the first available option.


Stress free for admins and travellers.

When we were considering our options, we knew first and foremost that we didn’t want a system in place that was too complicated to use across the company. The demonstration of the platform highlighted just how easy it was to use and the simplicity of its interface played a huge role in the decision to move forward.

Setting up with Travelport Locomote has been simple and stress-free for both our administrators and staff. Travellers have confidently jumped straight onto the platform with very few issues. The customer service and support offered by Travelport Locomote throughout the setup and beyond has been outstanding.

The team is available on the phone at any time of the day or night and the service offered is very personal. Our primary challenges prior to using Travelport Locomote were compliance and cost savings, and using the Travelport Locomote platform has helped us to address both of these issues.


We now have total control and transparency.

Using Travelport Locomote has put the control back into our hands. We have complete transparency over travel bookings, cost options and compliance. We’ve been able to simplify the travel booking process for staff, and can instead focus on the jobs that we are running as a business.

One of the most effective benefits of the platform is the approval system. Beyond giving staff the ability to control their own booking process, they also have insight into the actual costs and the ability to make more informed decisions when it comes to their booking.

While the focus for staff making travel bookings has previously been on travel times, the increased emphasis around the cost of different options highlighted by the Travelport Locomote platform has had a direct effect on the company’s travel spend.

Since using Travelport Locomote we have been able to reduce our travel spend by 30% and we feel this will only increase as time goes on as the platform has allowed us to see exactly where our costs are going and where we can further make savings without affecting the actual travel experience for our employees.


We have reduced our travel spend by 30%.

For our business the most crucial time of the week is Friday afternoon – with a clear idea of the workload for the following week, we book in the travel requirements for confirmed jobs.

For us, compliance is not only about ensuring that we have the infrastructure in place, but that everything continues to be used correctly as we move forward and grow. Using Travelport Locomote we know that travel bookings can be made quickly and correctly, and can focus instead on sending our technicians into the field.

We’ve been able to improve the speed of our processes, and we’ve put the power of travel booking back into the hands of the traveller and we have been able to drop unnecessary TMC costs and now our TMC is now focused on providing value added services to us. Overall, travel has become more cost efficient and simpler than it has been before.

Travelport Locomote offers us compliance, ease of use, and simplicity, all things that we weren’t finding with a TMC alone, or with any competitor.

Travelport Locomote offers us compliance, ease of use, and simplicity. All things that we weren’t finding with a TMC alone, or with any competitor.
Diane Jackson Administration
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