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eNett International

eNett International is a global provider of dedicated payment solutions for the travel industry. Our unique specialisation in travel, combined with expertise in payments means we can provide more relevant payment solutions to travel agencies and suppliers. Our partnerships with Travelport and MasterCard supply us with unparalleled reach across the industry.

Belinda Neilson


eNett International is a global provider of dedicated payment solutions for the travel industry. My role in the company is Executive Assistant to the Managing Director & CEO. As part of my role, I manage travel for all our Melbourne based Executive team and ensure staff have access to Locomote as required.

Belinda Neilson
Executive Assistant to Managing Director & CEO
Locomote Case Studies

The Problem

Prior to using Locomote we were doing everything via email and spreadsheets. We also used a small travel agency and all correspondence was via email which made tracking, approvals and managing information challenging at times.

A significant challenge that we faced pre-Locomote was the inability to actively and accurately manage our travel costs and consolidate our travel program. Approval times were far too long and there was a lot of ‘back and forth’ between travellers and travel arrangers and because of all of this no one in our organisation truly understood the reasons behind the lengthy process to organise travel.

The Solution

Locomote stands alone and gives us everything we need to manage a complete travel program with minimal reliance from a travel agency. The a-ha moment came when we saw the user friendliness and simplicity of the Locomote platform. We wanted to be able to give our travellers and travel bookers the ability to control their own travel program within our organisation. By handing power to our employees to arrange and book travel, we achieved significant cost savings.

Locomote Case Studies

Why Locomote?

Significant Cost Savings

Locomote allows our travel managers to create clear and easy to follow travel policy restrictions for all flight, hotel and car bookings. By displaying options based on company policy, the Locomote platform ensures a smoother booking process that stays within budget.

Safety and Risk mitigation

Enhanced safety and risk/compliance features that Locomote provide offers peace of mind to our Directors who can now easily track our travellers at all times. This was a crucial factor in choosing a travel platform.

Full data ownership

Locomote makes travel even easier by allowing users/travel bookers to manage individual profiles ensuring all visa, membership, passport and other documentation is up to date.

Improved Approval Process

Locomote allows for a simple and fast approval process by directly contacting managers/travel arrangers directly and daily, saving time and effort and ending the painful ‘back and forth’ follow up process of the past.

Locomote Case Studies


Overall user uptake has been fantastic. We have been extremely pleased based on user feedback which has been gauged at set intervals following our go live date. Our users found it particularly easy to get set up and started with Locomote. Apart from its extremely user-friendly interface, the quality of training provided by Locomote saw the usage uptake exceed our expectations.

the difference

Locomote is by far the most rounded and all encompassing travel management solution that we tested. The entire pre-trip and booking process including the ease to which managers can approve travel is second-to-none in the market and has really taken a load off my shoulders.


As feedback from our employees suggest, our favourite aspect is the simplicity of the entire platform. The ability to manage all processes from arranging a booking through to expense management and reporting has improved the efficiency of our travel program immensely.


A key objective in searching for the best travel management platform for our company to use was to reduce our entire annual travel spend. By streamlining the entire booking process, we have reduced approval time and spend and have also restricted out of policy travel.

The simplicity of the Locomote platform is extremely enticing and is at the top of our list of recommendations because all employees, regardless of familiarity with technology and travel booking tools quickly understand and can fully utilise all aspects of the Locomote platform.

  • Full control over travel programme
  • Safety and risk mitigation
  • Efficiency gains across the business
  • Improved approval process
  • Significant cost savings
  • 100% user adoption
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Locomote Case Studies