We looked at several options for our corporate travel and Locomote had everything we were looking for. 

Openpay business travel case study with Locomote
Locomote is a game-changer in managing corporate travel.
Marcus Waterreus
Chief People & Culture Officer

As a fast-growing Australian fintech, with a global presence, Travel plays a critical role in how we operate day-to-day. Prior to implementing Locomote, we had little oversight over our team travel patterns or the conditions of their bookings. 

While we had a group travel policy that outlined the spending limits and the preferred hotels, and so on, with a team spread across 7 countries and with 30% of our team working remotely, the lack of a travel management system became a nightmare for our finance team, for myself but also for the team member travelling says Marcus Waterreus, Group Chief People and Culture Officer.

We looked at several options for our corporate travel and Locomote had everything that we were looking for. 

An intuitive, easy to use platform, customisable workflows for different policies and the ability to easily administer and report on business travel to ensure costs were being managed appropriately.

Locomote is a game-changer in managing corporate travel - Marcus Waterreus, Group Chief People and Culture Officer

Openpay is an Australian fintech company that operates in the 'Buy Now, Pay Later' sector and provides online financial services such as and post-purchase payments. Their core service is designed to allow customers to pay for items purchased using interest-free instalments.


  • Lack of data and insights into travel
  • Zero visibility or control into spend
  • Low adoption rates
  • High costs for support

Results with Locomote

  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • World-class UI makes booking a breeze
  • Round-the-clock travel agents provide answers within minutes
  • Simplified travel-spend management and reporting

Transitioning for better business travel

Moving across to Locomote was a breeze. We were made to feel really comfortable, we were given all the information we needed to get the most out of the platform and it was really a smooth and seamless implementation.

Since being with Locomote we have been able to engage team members to discuss their travel quotes before they make a booking and gauge whether the travel is essential. We are able to leverage the data and insights from the platform to inform our planning and decisions and we can track and monitor expenditure and ensure our budgets are maintained, with monthly reporting.

The ability to have multiple policies for our global team is an absolute game-changer for us. Not to mention the amazing support that we receive from the Locomote team, no matter when and what time we need. They go out of their way to ensure that our experience with the platform is a positive one. 

With travel now starting to resume Post COVID and with the growing number of country and region-specific travel restrictions in place, I can’t imagine what it would be like to manage travel post-COVID without Locomote by our side.

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