11 Must-Have Apps for Scaling Businesses

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December 9, 2021
11 Must-Have Apps for Scaling Businesses

Most companies aim to scale their businesses. However, not everyone gets to achieve this goal. Successfully scaling a business requires careful planning with the right partners, systems, processes, and technology.

In some cases, companies do not have the proper tools needed to reach their goals. They may also struggle to optimise the customer experience. But thanks to technology, growing businesses can now benefit from automating and integrating various processes to increase their efficiency.

Whether you’re looking to track your sales performance or improve customer engagement, here are some of the must-have apps to scale our business.

PandaDoc for Proposal Software

PandaDoc integration enables businesses to scale quickly with the optimisation of document workflows. Your team can manage the editing, signing, and sharing of documents efficiently and safely using PandaDoc’s e-signature technology.

The platform also gives you access to its collection of templates, approval workflows, and custom fields for easy creation of documents within minutes. Integrating the functionality ofPandaDoc and HubSpot within your CRM sets your business up for success.

Typeform for Online Form Builder Software

Typeform lets you build and maintain personalised, interactive relationships with your customers. You can create online forms, surveys, and quizzes using this powerful tool.

When integrated with HubSpot, Typeform allows you to automatically map forms or questions to a HubSpot property. All response data from customers are sent to the HubSpot dashboard.

The Typeform and HubSpot integration can transform a standard online transaction into a more thoughtful and empathetic conversation. This strengthens your relationship with your leads, converting them into more than just customers.

Monday.com for Work OS

Monday.com‘s work operating system (OS) is a comprehensive, flexible, and intuitive platform for teams of all sizes. It helps businesses scale quickly and adapt workflows efficiently.

The Monday.com integration empowers teams to visualise and streamline all processes and projects in one place, boosting their efficiency and productivity. The platform taps into across-functional collaboration to tie all tasks, goals, strategies, and metrics together.

With Monday.com’s Work OS, your teams can shape and adjust their workflows in a customisable format to suit their specific needs.

Expensify for Expense Management

Tracking your business expenses and transactions is easier with the Expensify app. It offers a high-quality solution for efficient expense management and detailed expense categorisation.

The software does the accounting work for you, allowing you to focus on core business tasks. With one click, you can scan receipts, pay bills, and generate invoices through the mobile app.

The SmartScan will automatically read and log all receipt details, such as the date, amount, and merchant. Expensify also lets you manage your company credit card and employee reimbursement.

Databox for Business Intelligence

The Databox integration helps you scale your business by providing a holistic view of your company. It enables you to effectively track the performance and ROI of your sales, marketing, and service efforts.

From visualising to reporting data, Databox offers the insights and tools you need to maximise your results.This includes access to hundreds of pre-built templates for standardised reporting.

This platform also connects to all your data and systems, making it easier for your teams to automate various processes.

Calendly for Online Appointment Scheduling

Whether you have small or large teams, Calendly is an essential tool for scaling your business efforts. It efficiently saves you time through quick and automatic scheduling of recruitment, sales, or customer success meetings.  

Multiple teams across different departments or time zones can take advantage of time-saving features, including automated meeting reminders. With this scheduling tool, your company can boost its productivity, client satisfaction, and revenue.

Locomote for Business Travel

Locomote is one of the most efficient travel apps to help reduce your company expenses. It automates the process of managing, organising, and approving your business travel.

You can easily implement and integrate this app into your workflows for hassle-free corporate travel management. Locomote scales to fit your unique business needs by giving you more options and personalised results.

From booking flights to communicating with your team, this travel platform provides enough flexibility and visibility for businesses of all sizes.

Chargebee for Subscription Management

Subscription businesses can maximise and retain their revenue opportunities using Chargebee. It offers automated solutions for different processes, including subscription management, recurring billing, and revenue analytics.

By providing key subscriber and customer information, this platform helps your teams take decisive action. It's integration with HubSpot also makes it easy to update and modify your workflows and dashboards.

Chargebee enables your company to adapt and sync your customisable CRM as your business scales and evolves.

AdRoll for Advertising

AdRoll helps your business scale through ads, ensuring consistent growth. By integrating with HubSpot, you can identify where to allocate your resources for account-based advertising and paid digital media.

AdRoll provides you with datapoints captured by machine learning, which is crucial to all your advertising efforts. This platform works on building your target audience, so you can focus on the right marketing strategy and maximise your return on advertising spend.

Survicate for Experience Management

Improving customer experience is critical to successfully scaling a business. Using Survicate, you can effectively reach your customers and manage their feedback or engagement.

Your product teams can use this platform to do user research, get customer feedback, or find product-market fit. It supports any use case related to customer experience.

Survicate integration enables you to send surveys that customers can answer via email or web apps. It also triggers HubSpot workflows based on survey data.

Overall, Survicate helps your business capture valuable feedback, so you can deliver a better experience for your customers.

Integromat for Data Integration

Integromat allows for no-code data integrations to automate your workflow within minutes.This makes it easier to create tasks, update records of leads or customers, and create complete documentation for new deals.

You can use this platform to connect HubSpot to hundreds of pre-configured apps, including the ones for HR, project management, and time tracking. The visual builder comes with drag-and-drop commands for hassle-free integration.

No matter your skills or resources, Integromat offers a powerful solution to achieve your business goals quickly.